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Ctrl button not working


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Ctrl button not working

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For some reason my Ctrl button is not working on either side. It does not do any short cuts like ctrl+c or ctrl+v....nothing. All the other buttons are working just fine.

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420, Windows Vista 32-bit


Please someone help....

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  • It may just be that those combinations are not working.
    Have you tried pressing ctrl+alt+del all at the same time with no programs on and from the desktop screen?

  • Tried it and nothing...

  • Go to
    start > control panel > ease of access > Make the keyboard easier to use

    There is an option that says:
    Turn on Sticky Keys

    If the box is checked, uncheck it.
    If it is unchecked, then check it.
    (You just do this by clicking on the little box next to it). When you have checked/unchecked it, click on apply and then click ok.
    Then try using the ctrl button again to see if it works this time.
    If none of the above works, try to get access to an external keyboard, like maybe a USB keyboard and see if you still have the same problem when using that.
    If you do have the same problem then we can be sure that it is a software problem.