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XPS L701X Integrated webcam

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Hello everybody, my webcam on my computer is not working.
I deinstalled now the software dell central and i can find no software to install it again with the newest driver
Can somebody help me with my problem.
That would be great.


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  • Hello, I'm having problems with the webcam aswell..

    i was using it with yahoo and skype and it was working fine. I try it today and it doesn't work. I have tried everything. uninstalled and reinstalled drivers from the support center and the drivers cd.. i have even reinstalled dell webcam central again but to no avail.

    What happens is that Dell Webcam Central shows my webcam as connected, so does the device manager, but the webcam doesn't start up (the small white light doesn't turn on) when i select it from a program and all i get is a blank screen.


    anyone else having this issue?

  • Exact same problem on the l501x. Started yesterday almost exactly after I upgraded the stock skype that comes with the system to 5.1. I have tried to reinstall the stock skype but it makes no difference, so I don't think it is that. I have also tried to reinstall the device drivers and the web cam central software.

    The light comes on and the web cam is detected but there is no video feed at all - within any application. Anyone had any success getting it working again or will I have to call customer services and moan?