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Inspiron 1545 AC Adapter Not recognized


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Inspiron 1545 AC Adapter Not recognized

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This 1545 just ran out of warranty and now it decides to give the "ac adapter unknown" and the battery won't charge.  The bios can't be flashed because it's not at 10%.  A quick search on google makes it clear this issue has happened to many.  Why has there been no recall for this issue?  I will not buy Dell, nor will I recommend Dell laptops to anyone, anymore. 

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

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  • Recalls cover safety problems, which this is not.  Try a new Dell adapter first - if that doesn't fix it, the system needs an internal repair.  You may want to consider extending your warranty.

    You may also just as well expand  your "I'll never" to include all notebook computers, portable electronics, cell phones, etc. that use external power supplies - because they CAN and DO fail - on everything.


  • Thanks for the quick reply.  There is no need for condescending remarks.


    Happy Holidays.

  • There was no need to present your question in a format that makes it appear the problem occurs with the majority of Dell systems, either.

    In fact, the only time I've come across this problem, having dealt with thousands of systems of all types, is when it's user-caused rough handling of the power supply and/or power jack.  Treated properly, the problem isn't common with any brand of system.


  • I agree EJN63.  That person's response is arrogant, uninformed and useless (to say the least).  I too, have worked on thousands of computers over 30 years and within the last few years, have noticed an obvious degradation in the Dell brand -- specifically their laptops.  This "AC Adapter  = Unknown" message found in the BIOS is one that has been well documented for the past few years with their Latitude laptop line.  Contrary to the assertion that this problem is primarily caused by the consumer's "rough handling of the power supply and/or power jack" is erroneous.  Use your Search Engine and you'll see lots of technical possibilities that can be at the root of this particular model's seemingly inherent flaw.

  • Actually, it IS common. It's a ridiculously simple problem that shouldn't exist, and I am dealing with it too. I bought a Dell charger for my Dell Inspiron 1545 computer, and it won't charge. It was a waste of a substantial amount of money, so no, I'm not paying Dell more for a warranty when it should never have happened in the first place. Take you condescension somewhere else, I'm looking for help or a solution, not your tactless, bored remarks. 

    Has anyone had any luck resolving this issue? Sometimes my laptop will charge, but I don't know when or why that happens. The majority of the time the chargers sustains it, but won't fill the battery. Is there an internal glitch or something? Or are these laptops just designed to have very very specific chargers exclusive to the model? 

  • Also, I wasn't rough with the computer or the charger. The laptop is a few years old, but the charger is only a couple months old. It worked for a few weeks, and then out of nowhere, it stopped. If there are any programs or methods of fixing this, they would be greatly appreciated.