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Overheating problems with the inspiron 1764?


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Overheating problems with the inspiron 1764?

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I've had my 1764 running windows 7x64 for around 7 months now, and recentley it's either just been turning off without warning (I seem to remember that this was whilst watching a video), or recentely when I've had it on my desk  (listening to music with it plugged into external speakers, although this may just be coincidence), it goes to a coloured screen (I think it was a pinky blue, but I didnt see it for very long and I'm colourblind at any rate, hah) during this the speakers make a horrible white noise and the whole system is just frozen. I then have to just manually restart.

Occassionally before it does the laptop starts to give hints it's about to happen, certain crunching sounds or the audio just going funny in general.

It's just worrying me that this is happening more and more often it seems, and in a few months my warranty will be up. My only thoughts are that it could be overheating because it does get pretty hot, hotter than I remember my previous laptop. But perhaps it is something completely different.


Anyone got any ideas, or know anything about problems with this particular model?


Thanks alot

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  • First thing to do is boot to the setup (F2 at the boot screen). You can then set the computer to NOT reboot after a blue screen. Then report back with the error message.

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  • I have had the same problems happen usually when I am watching a movie in full-screen view. It gets super hot then goes to blue screen with the noise you mention. I have to restart also as everything freezes.

  • Hi, it actually doesnt automatically reboot, it just freezes then I have to just press the power button to turn it off by hand. Also the screen it goes to isnt the traditional blue screen of death with error msg, it's a different colour (maybe it was pinky, or green, sorry I can't quite remember I will note it next time)

  • I have the same problem.  I think it's an overheating thing because it only happens when I'm watching something or playing a game, and the laptop's always really hot afterward.  The color is never the same; I think it picks out a color from the screen if that doesn't sound too crazy.  I had blue earlier tonight with the Sims 3 but I've seen yellow, green, pink, etc.

  • I spoke online with a Dell tech and they installed two updates to my system which is going to supposedly fix this issue.  They are both found in Dell driver updates.

    The first was a driver update to AMD ATI Radeon card. It is the Radeon HD4330 and the update can be found under R265297.exe this update is from 4/22/2010

    The second is an update to the laptop BIOS system. It is 1764A11_win.exe dated 8/18/2010.

    Both can be found if you put them into the Dell search box.  I dont know if this will fix the issue as it was only done today.

  • I'd already done the BIOS update, just added the driver update, rebooted , started up a game and still blank-screened (green this time).

  • Hey.

    Having the same problem. Freezes, white noise sound and blanks. After a few seconds.

    Usually I force shut down it immediately, but a few time I let it buzz for 10-15 seconds and afterward the screen lit up again, frozen image under green and pink checkerboard-like squares. Then force shut down again. And it happens more often lately. I suspected something regarding the graphics card, since it's hotter in that region, not only where the cooler is.

    So they say those updates should clear things up? Anything new happened since the 26th?

  • Follow-up: I installed the AMD Ati Radeon card driver and the BIOS update teslov suggested.

    (After installing the BIOS updated, my computer errored while booting - I entered BIOS and reset it to default setting to solve that. The update still should've been active, *people said*.)

    Waiting for the freezing to show up again. :)

  • Since doing the updates I havent had any issues like in  the past!

  • Problems appeared again on my laptop.

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been having this problem on my Dell Inspiron 1764 and found at least a temporary solution.

    First off, I am almost certain this problem has to do with the temperature of the video card.  It happens only when I have the laptop on a surface which "holds" heat, like a carpet, pillow or desk (not so much on glass surfaces), and when I'm running graphics intensive processes like video games or movies.

    Finally, and here's the kicker, it has only happened to me when the laptop is plugged in and charging.  I don't know what the relation is with heat and charging (maybe the charging battery heats up the system a little more), but I do know that I can watch movies and play games with the laptop unplugged and will never get this problem.

    Hope that helps some people at least.  If anyone ever solves the issue 100%, please let us know here on this forum!  Thanks! Big Smile

  • I have updated the BIOS and video card driver as teslov suggested, I also run my laptop on a cooling pad. It is definitely related to video intensive operations, i.e. gaming and movies. I can usually run a video game for about an hour or so and then the screen blacks out, I get the multi-tone emergency broadcast sound. I usually hard reboot. I was running a temperature monitor the last time this happened, I noticed the temperature reached 96 degrees celsius right before blackout. I will be contacting Dell support to see if they can provide any other solution ideas. I also want to get this resolved prior to my warranty running out like azrael, I am sure there are others out there who are in the same situation. If the techs provide me with any information, I will post with their solutions and provide periodic updates if the solutions have worked. I am crossing my fingers for us all.

  • I tried   what said. Didn't work. Just saying. Actually crashed faster. Srly. :) Odd.



  • I did that as well, wasn't faster but it did still crash. I just got done with a 2 hour telephone call to Tech support, they deemed a video card fan failure. they said it is an integrated chip and they will need to replace the whole motherboard. With that being said, if you are still under warranty the repair is free... which luckily I am. I was told I will receive a phone call from the technician who will repair my computer in 2 business days which is also the day he will receive the parts. I also asked if this was a common problem with this model and he said, so far he personally has not heard of this problem. If you do call tech support for repair I urge you to be patient. I waited about two minutes for the initial connection to a service rep, the conversation was about 15 - 20 minutes. I then waited on hold for an hour to speak with a service technician and that conversation lasted about 20-30 minutes. Also note that the telephone service is in India so there may be a bit of miscommunication and a lot of repeating. I hope this helps some of you who have the problem, and those who may encounter this in the future.

  • Thank you for your post!  We have the Inspiron 1564 and are having the same problems that you have described.  We spent hours on the phone with Dell today and were told that the only explanation for our problems is that we have a virus and that we need to write them a check in excess of $200 to fix the problem.  We are under warranty as well.  Your information should help in our phone call to Dell tomorrow.  Have you had any more trouble since the new fan was installed?