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Manual for the New XPS Laptops


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Manual for the New XPS Laptops

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I recently ordered an XPS 17.  Before ordering, I wanted to look at the manual.  But I have not been able to find one.  Are references to XPS manuals are for older machines (e.g. "XPS" followed by a letter and four digits).  There are also references to Studio XPS, but that's not it either.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem and has perhaps found a work-around for it.


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  • ejn63

    Thanks, ejn63

    The link leads to a Setup Manual and some service manuals for the Dell XPS L701X.  The computer described is very much like the XPS 17 tthat I ordered, but there are some differences which lead me to believe it's not the same.  The L701X has free fall sensor, camera, and touch screen options, which the XPS 17 does not.  And the connectors are not exactly the same.

    Nevertheless, I find the manual helpful reading, and I certainly appreciate your posting of the link.

    Still looking for a user manual, though.



  • Except for the options, they're the same systems.  The touch screen is supposed to be a late-Fall addition to this model.


  • Okay, got it.  The manuals available from the link will then hold me over unil I receive the full set when the computer arrives.

    Again, many thanks.


  • Look at the back - Right in the middle it will show a model number of XPS L702X.

  • My computer says L701X on the back.  There is a service manual on line.  But it's difficult to use.  I remember the good old days when Dell published a hard copy manual with complete instructions and included it with the machine when shipped.  And it was a lot more informative and, with it, I could solve problems quickly.

    Thanks for the try AMWCPA.


  • I purchased a used laptop, the XPS version, and I need a manual to help me know how to use the laptop to its very best. Help Me, Please. Nita Busby, <ADMIN NOTE: Email address removed per privacy policy>

  • Download the manual for your system by Clicking Here.