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Studio XPS 1340 Replacing screen - How To?


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Studio XPS 1340 Replacing screen - How To?

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I have managed to break the screen on my Studio XPS 1340.

I have bought a replacement screen but for the life of me cannot work out how to get the laptop apart to replace it.

Can anyone point me in the direction of any help please?



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  • Hi, Ive managed to find instructions on removing the display panel here:

    <ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

    But the problem is I only have the replacement lcd panel which I would like to install in the display panel.

    It seems to be suggesting that the panel cannot be taken apart?

    Im really in deep doo doo if that is true as It means I have spent over £100 on a lcd screen which I cannot fit anyway...

    Do you think this is true?

    Surely there must be a way to take the display panel apart and install a new LCD?

    Please help!


  • It is correct that the display panel on this model cannot be replaced without replacing the entire top half of the system.  The service manual specifically notes this - you must replace the bezel, back cover, hinges and wiring together - the display panel itself can't be removed.

  • it's not true.  It dissuades you from trying to take apart the display assembly, but you can find the lcd screen all over ebay.  What you will need to do is get ahold of a torx screwdriver.  Should be something like t8 or t6.  Unscrew the screws located on the bezel.  Carefully remove the silver will need to glue it back on later.  begin removing the edge to edge glass (it's really plastic) by starting from the bottom of the display assembly.  you can pull the glass away from the leather trim fairly easily, and when you look inside, you can see the assembly itself.  Now, with a screwdriver, CAREFULLY detach the glass from the rest of the assembly.  It's been glued on, so it will be very easy to exert more force than you need to.  Once the edge to edge screen is removed, there you will see the lcd display and the inverter board.  Unscrew the lcd from the mounts, and unplug the cables from the lcd and the inverter board.  TA DA!  This is literally the first post about a diy lcd replacement for the xps 1340.

  • What great news here IM12! Given that you've executed this procedure, can you please provide any additional information on the glue you encountered and what type (if any) you used to re-seal the plastic cover? Any other tips/details would be greatly appreciated! As you gently pry the cover free, is it snapped in anywhere along its path, or is it only glue adhered along the edge along withthe 4 torx screws.

    Thank you!!

  • Thought some pictures might help you guys.. ;)


  • Can the LCD be safely replaced without removing the whole display unit? Thanks guys for the information. I was struggling to find information on replacing my LCD screen.

  • I have a Dell Studio XPS 1340 in house with a damaged left hinge.  I ordered a replacement cover and found your post. 

    It looks like someone took a screwdriver to it and bent it out. 

    What type of glue is recommended for replacement?