Download Dell the accelerometerP11?


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Download Dell the accelerometerP11?

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Can someone point me to where I can download the accelerometerP11 from Dell for the E6410?

Thank you!

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  • The AccelerometerP11 isn't independent software and you cannot download it as such.

    It’s a part of a Dell solution to protect the hard disks. It will prevent a head crash resulting data loss upon impact under particular circumstances.

    It’s included on your OEM OS.

    Keep in mind that you need to check if the solution is already enabled in the BIOS:

    Miscellaneous Devices >Hard Drive Free Fall Protection

    Within the OS and to modify the settings go to the Control Panel and there select “FreeFall Data Protection".

  • i by mistake deleted accelerometerP11 from my laptop...
    Where can i get it back??

    reply urgently 

  • Hello Jay,

    Have you read my last post ?

    What have you tried and what's is not working ? If your system is still under warranty you could call your local Dell support line.

    Have a good day.


  • Yeah i just purchased it on Dec'11..

    so its under warranty..

    Tanks a lot man!!

    It was great to read such a quick n friendly response!!! :)

  • This is a driver provided by Dell. It should be in your utilities CD that came with the computer (hopefully). If you do not have the CD, not to worry. Simply go to Dell's drivers and downloads page and enter your service tag number or let dell detect it, and the drivers for your PC will appear. Select the one that says "free fall sensor" (or something to that effect) and install it. That will be the AccelerometerP11 driver, which you will see the name during the install.

    Driver page