Studio 1535 Slot Load CD/DVD Drive with Stuck CD


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Studio 1535 Slot Load CD/DVD Drive with Stuck CD

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I have a stuck CD in my slot load drive.  Is there any way to eject it?  The touch eject button or "eject" command from drive under My Computer do not work.

Is there any emergancy release button?  I have tried rebooting several times in case the boot up sequence would eject it also.

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  • Please try to shut down the computer , after which you have to press the turn on button as soon as you have pressed that , you have to continuously press the" F2" Key on the keyboard (Don't press and hold down the key but tap it ). you will be on the BIOS which says system information page , now you have to press and hold down the Fn+F10 here and check  or else you can also check with the eject button also .If this doesn't work follow the below steps

    • Try a Diagnostic Startup. If the drive ejects normally in System Setup, try a Diagnostic Startup of Windows 7.


      1. In Windows, click Start, then in the Search box type msconfig and hit <Enter>.


    • Click Diagnostic Startup to load basic devices and services only.


    • Reboot the computer and try to eject the drive when you get back into Windows 7.

    If the drive ejects correctly, look for burning software that may be controlling the drive and update it or uninstall it.


    • Reseat the drive. The cabling of the drive may be loose, or the drive may not be seated correctly in the laptop. Refer to the Online User's Guide for your computer for information on reseating the cables or the drive in the computer.


    • Update the optical drive firmware and the BIOS on the computer. In some instances the firmware of the drive may become corrupted or the BIOS may 'lose' the drive. Visit the Dell Drivers and Downloads website and input your Service Tag to get updates specific to your computer. " If all the above steps fail then probably you have to replace the Slot drive , If the system is under warranty contact the dell technical support and speak with the tech."
    • -------visit this link for more information-------

  • Before you gave your suggestion, I used the following combination of items to remove the stuck CD:

    1.  Thick business card

    2.  Good flashlight

    3.  Bent paper clip

    I used the thick business card to lift the dust protector out of the way to see into the burner slot.  With the flashlight, I discovered the CD was not on the spindle, but resting directly inside the slot.  I bent a paper clip nearly straight except at the very end I left an "L" shape tip.  I carefully inserted the paper clip with the "L" horizontally and then turned it 90 degrees to vertical when I was in the center of the CD.  The "L" hooked the center of the CD and I was able to slowly remove the disk.

    I tried another CD (that I did not care if I lost) and the drive still worked fine and ejected that disk.  I am still unsure what causes the mechanism malfunction (even rarely).  All I learned from the experiece is to never buy a system with a slot load burner again.  If is much better to have a tray style with an  "emergancy" mechanical release.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Dude!  You the man (or woman as the case may be...)!!

    Thanks for the post, saved me an hour of my life...