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Hi ,

I have a lapton Inspirion 1525, I recently made new update to windows just the normal regualr updates.

Since this time I can't get into my computer it keeps going to "Start up repair" boot mode, but it asks for the other "User" name and password which I don't have.

I have tried typing in Administrator and no password but this still doesn't log me in.

Does anyone know how I can get back into my computer or by pass this password I don't have? Any help would be appreciated.


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  • Press F12 at powerup, boot to the Dell diagnostics and run an extended hard drive test - chances are the drive has failed.


  • Try running the hardware test by pressing and holding the FN KEY and turning the system on , it will run the pre-boot system assessment test , this will take 15 to 20 minutes , if a message pops up says all test pass do you want to run the remaining memory test , then you shut down the system and now turn on the system and as soon you press the power button tap the F8 key for the advanced boot menu option ,In that select safe mode with networking and then select your user name and then type your password,if it doesn't work try an old password which you had before this one .if the system log you inside the windows then go to start and type system restore and restore the system to a previous state ...........IF all these step fails then ,if you are ready to lose the data in the computer then i would suggest you to perform a factory image restore.

    If it is a WIN 7 OS follow this link...........

    If it is WIN VISTA OS follow this link..........

    If it is WIN XP OS follow this link ..........