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inspiron 1501 - where is the number lock key


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inspiron 1501 - where is the number lock key

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somehow managed to switch this on but cannot find any key labelled number lock in order to switch off.

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  • This article says it's above the F11 key and you must use the Function key with it to toggle on/off. Your manual has instructions under Keyboard.

  • to toggle the number lock on and off you must simply push the button above F11

    (this may only work on the laptop version inspiron 1501)

    ps. if this does not work try other websites or take it in to your local IT store or office works the should be able to help

    pps. if this helped please reply that it did so :)

  • The number lock is at the top right. Once the Number Lock is enabled (top light will be green) you must hold Fn down when you want to use any of the number keys on the laptop keyboard.

    e.g. hold [Fn] and press [ k ] = 2

    Philip Yip


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