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Latitute e6410 - Restore factory image (factory settings) not available, Windows 7


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Latitute e6410 - Restore factory image (factory settings) not available, Windows 7

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I didn't change anything, so the computer's partitions are as they came from the factory.

I see three drives:

A: Recovery


D: Reader

I tried to go through F8 >> Advanced Boot Options, and got to the Choose a Recovery Tool, but found no option to restore to factory settings.

Under Choose a Recovery Tool, I see the following:

Startup Repair (tried it, did nothing)

System Restore (tried it, only goes back three or four days)

System Image Recovery (tried it, told me no system image on this computer)

Windows Memory Diagnostic (didn't try, doesn't seem relevant)

Command Prompt (nothing to try since I don't know where to find the restore-to-factory-settings program)


Dell sent an installation disk and I downloaded the latest drivers, but I was hoping to reinstall to factory settings so I won't lose that Recover Partition (even though at this moment I have no idea how to utilize it).

Is there a I can get back to factory settings? Very much appreciate any help.

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  • Thanks so much for the quick reply! I appreciate that you took the time.

    Unfortunately, that link leads to a solution I tried that didn't work. First of all, my OS is Windows 7, not Vista, but the instructions seem to be the same as the ones in the link you posted. That link leads to a manual called Dell Backup and Recovery Manager. There are four versions to download, I looked at them all. The problem is that my system does not have any application called "Backup and Recovery Manager," or if it does - I don't know where it is.

    The "Dell Help Document Viewer" on my system has help only for the modem, WiFi, and Bluetooth, nothing for any other aspect of the system. The other Dell apps on the system are Dell ControlPoint (nothing about backup or recovery) and Dell Reader (not relevant)

    I still don't have any idea how to get back to Factory Settings. On older systems, I remember pressing CTRL + F11 at startup which would get you to the recovery and restore partition, but that doesn't work on this computer. 

  • Hello,


    I am facing the same issue with my laptop, and I would like to know what did you do in order to fix this issue.



  • Unfortunately, I didn't fix it. When I posted, I was urgently trying to resolve a problem, and didn't have time to deal with laptop issues. I solved the problem using another computer and never went back to this issue. It is still not resolved. My laptop functions pretty well, and in fact, this was the first time in almost three years I had such a frustrating problem.

    In the back of my mind, I do want to do some "housekeeping," reformat and reinstall Windows and all settings to the factory default, because over the years I've learned that's a good idea to do once in a while. It tends to resolve all kinds of small issues and let you start with a clean slate.

    Obviously, that kind of "housekeeping" has to be prepared properly, with backups of all data and downloaded software and drivers, and making a note of all the settings that work, and since that takes a good amount of time, I've never gotten around to it. When and if I ever do, I have all the original disks from Dell. If I still can't figure out how to use the Backup and Recovery Manager on the system, I'm just going to use the disks. Worst comes to worst, I will contact Dell.,

    Overall, I am not happy with this situation, but since my laptiop functions pretty well the majority of the time, I manage to keep it on the rear burner. Sorry I can't help. I hope you are able to resolve your problems too.