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My Dell Downloads "Pop up" window


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My Dell Downloads "Pop up" window

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I just got my Inspirion from Dell and I keep getting the Dell Download pop up.  If I ask it to remind me later or " don't remind me, it still pops up moments later. I already went to the site to get the downloads I wanted.  I also keep getting a spywear pop up from "Smart Engine" constantly which I did not request anything from, constantly wanting me to purchase their protection package which I do not want. Ugh..... I already purchased  Mcafee with the Dell.


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  • I am getting exactly the same problem and I belive it is an issue with Smart Engine which is malware. I am in the proces sof removing this via instruction from a Google search. I am hoping the My Dell Downloads problem will then go away.

  • Thanks for replying.  I went onto the smart engine chat and asked for a way to remove the program. After asking several times "how can I remove the program"  the live chat gal sent me the removeal program and all of my problem disappeared.....   Hope this helps you. Take care

  • Hi, I'm having the same problem....the My Dell Downloads won't go away - very frustrating.  I've run two different securitty programs and it's not picking up the issue.  can you send the link or search terms for the instructions you followed?  I can't seem to find what I'm looking for.  Thank you!

  • Can you tell me how to remove exactly this my dell downloads popup? Thanks a lot

  • After numerous attempts i have finally figured out how to get rid of this darn message on my Dell XPS (Shame on you Dell for having such a annoying bug!!!). Here it goes:

    1. Wait for the message to pop up

    2. Open up 'Start Task manager' (Ctrl/Alt/Del)

    3. Under the processes tab (should be defaulted to that) scroll all the way down or look for a file name called "Toaster.exe *32". The description should say "Dell DataSafe Local Backup"

    4. Right click the file name

    5. You can either select "End Process" which will turn the message off until the next time you log back in to your laptop. To permanently get rid of it carry on reading...

    6. Select "Open File Location" instead of "End Process"

    7. A new window will open and it should automatically highlight a file name called "Toaster"

    8. Locate the file name "ToasterLauncher" which should be somewhere underneath the file "Toaster".

    9. Finallyyyy Right Click the file and ENJOY pressing "DELETE" [If you want, you can delete all the "Toaster..." files]

    10. Celebrate with some Capri Sun Orange Juice drink! (My favourite!)

    11. You may need to restart your laptop/pc to put it into effect!

    12. If it works for you please spread this instruction around all forums so others can benefit! Free of charge! :)

    Hope it helps folks. Let me know how it worked for you!



  • THanKs


  • Thanks for the help it worked great for me. very easy to do just follow instructions. Yesterday I spent over 1 hour trying to find a solution. The pop up would not go away and was interferring with using my computer.  I had problems getting Dell access for help??  Finally just used Google search and there was your solution. I did print out the instructions incase  I ever have it happen again.

  • Thank you Aziz! your instructions are great to follow and it solved the problem for me as well. What an annoying and ridiculous bug, Dell...I'm not impressed!