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Inspiron 5010 (15R) Bluetooth

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I recentlly purchased an Inspiron 5010 laptop, Windows 7 x64, and found out that it came without bluetooth.  I would like to add an internal bluetooth card.  Here are my questions.  Is it possible to add an internal bluetooth card?  If so, what model should I get?  Once I get it, what about installation?  I've read that it goes under the battery, but it looks like there is a paper seal that must be cut.  Will this invalidate the warranty?  I've also read that there is a screw required to hold it in place, but it doesn't come with the card.  Is this true?  Thanks in advance.

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  • I have the same laptop and the bluetooth I got was built in  it stopped working  my question is since it is built in can I uninstall the the bluetooth software and reinstall it?