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Inspiron 1525 monitor hinge/frame problem

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HELP!  I've been having hinge integrity problems, in that the moving the monitor from closed to open hascaused the frame to seperate/pull away form the screen itself.  I tightened the left side six +/- months back but then the right side started doing the same thing.  Tightening the right side resulted in the frame really parting from the screen and now it's held in place by vice grip plier and i have lost the bottom inch of the screen t owhat looks like virtical color bars.  I can't see any of the menu items and can't properly shut down.

Have I pooched the screen?  How or what do I do to get the bottom inch back.  I really need to use this 1525 on a constant basis.  Thanks,  Brandy

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  • From the sound of it, you have damaged the screen and will need to replace it - along with the back cover and hinges.


  • How do I get a new screen, back cover and hinges? Thanks!