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Dell Inspiron 1564 does not turn on

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Laptop: Dell Inspiron 1564

OS: WIndows 7 Home

Problem: Does not turn on.

Cause: Was working fine until last night when I shut it down, did not turn on when I tried to turn it on later in the morning. No known cause.


My laptop does not turn on in anyway - with charger put on or without charger.

It was working fine when I shut it down the other night but when I tried to turn it on in the morning, nothing happened. When I press the power-on button, just battery light (of the 3 lights on laptop) glows for a while and then it goes off as well. Other than that, nothing happens at all. I have tried taking the battery out and putting it in, plugging ang unplugging AC - nothing works.

I left the laptop unattended whole day and when came back, I tried to turn it on and the battery and power lights both glowed this time and continued glowing but screen was blank and no sound nothing happened for a few minutes and then I powered it off. Tried to turn on again, nothing happened, back to old problem as stated earlier i.e. only the battery light glows for a while and then goes off.

Would appreciate if someone can guide on the cause of the problem and how to resolve this.



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  • Hello Ali,

    I had the same problem about a fortnight ago. Just out of the blue, my laptop would just not turn on. Same model (Dell Inspiron 1564, OS - Win 7).The charge light would go on and then off as soon as you plug in the adapter. No affect with or without the battery plugged in. Then, after a few days, by the time I sent it to get it checked by someone, it just started working by itself - as if nothing had happened.


    I'm having the same problem now. The laptop just will not turn on, even though I shut it off last night. I'm worried that I will have to wait another 4-5 days before it will turn on, because, I need to use the laptop for work tomorrow. Can anyone help out as to why this is happening and how to solve this problem? I'm getting the feeling that this is an inherent problem with this particular Dell model.


    Thank you,



  • First--If you are still under warranty, contact Support right away. Test the battery by removing the battery and  using the adapter alone. If it works that way, the battery needs replacement. Batteries are usually warrantied for the first year. If it doesn't work, it could be the adapter or the motherboard. Contact Support.

  • Hi Mary,


    Thanks - I did contact support. It turns out that there was some static charge left over, and preventing the laptop from starting up. I was advised to disconnect the batteries, and disconnecting the adapter and then draining the charge by pressing the "On" button for about a minute to 2 minutes. Discharge the adapter by connecting the bottom two pins on the adapter box connection with a metallic screw-driver or knife. Upon reconnecting the adapter - the laptop amazingly came to life.



  • I hav the same problem.. Akil, please say me the solution detailly so that i can recover my laptop..

  • Dell Inspiron 1564 does not turn on

    1. Disconnect your AC adapter
    2. Remove the battery
    3. Push the power "On" button for at least 20 seconds..

    Now put the battery back in, attach AC power adapter and restart the notebook.


  • Thank you so much Bay Wolf... It really worked.. Thanks!!!!Big Smile

  • You are welcome.  I'm glad that I could be of help.

  • omg how could i tell u its worked thnk u so much for this help i was going to the shopkeeper he said give 5 k for this  but ur woed its wor

  • Hello,

    i am facing issue with dell 1564 laptop..i have tried to remove battry AC power and plugged again but same problem,

    whenever i started laptop able to see dell screen for 1 second then power off immediatly... laptop out of warranty


  • This absolutely brought the laptop back to life-  THANK YOU Bay Wolf!!!  YOU ROCK!!

    Do you have any tech reasons as to what this "reset" is actually doing?  What causes the initial/root problem??

    Thank you!!!  Eric D

    YOU SAVED people 100's of hours of phone time with India!

  • Hi Bay Wolf,

    This did not work in my notebook.... the problem is same can you please help me?????



  • hi!

    i have a very similar problem too..

    last night i was normally working on my Dell inspiron 1564(core i three,4 GB RAM,500GB HDD,Win 7) when it suddenly turned off. I disconnected the adapter and reconnected it to the laptop,only to see the 'circular blue' power light on the adapter connecting point going out immediately, i didnt even have to press the ON switch! This case repeats at every attempts.

    I tried removing and reconnecting the battery and the adapter in combinations but all in vain;the laptop shows no signs of life;there are no beeps or even flashes on the three LEDs on the laptop.

    I couldn't help but also notice a very slight 'burnt smell' from the bottom ventilation,but it could be me just being too agitated..

    Can somebody please suggest me what I can do?

    My warranty has expired :(



  • Your system needs a mainboard replacement,

  • I have a similar issue. I just ran out of warranty(go figure) and my inspiron 1564 won't turn on either. I was first getting 3 blinking lights. first-power light, then boot light, then battery light and then nothing came on. I did what all these different posts said. Opened it up, removed the key board and mouse, battery, reset, and now I am only getting the power light blink one and battery light blink once. It still doesn't turn on. I though i was getting some where when I got rid of one light. But to no avail...comp still won't turn on Crying Please someone help me. Do I need a new mother board? SHould I just go buy another computer? Atleast I know the hard drive is ok. What do I do. PLease help.

    Thanks so much,



  • Hi jillybeanz2982,

     Computer issues like this can be annoying; try to reseat the memory, hard drive and optical drive on the computer. Sending you the links for the manual click on the link for reseat memory, hard drive and optical drive: 

     Even if reseating parts does not resolve the issue then the issue can be with the motherboard of the computer which needs to be replaced.

    To replace, contact support to know the price for the motherboard, sending the link: 

    Please reply if you have any further questions.

    Thanks and regards,
    Madhur B
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