Dell Studio 17 1749 keyboard backlight


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Dell Studio 17 1749 keyboard backlight

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Hi there, does anyone know how I get the keyboard backlight to work?

Thank you!

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  • Usually FN-right arrow key

  • Hey

    doesn't seem to be that...

  • don't know much about keyboards, but there's only the blue fn elsewhere from f1-f12 - nothing else blue on the keys..?

  • Next question would be, "are you sure you purchased the backlit keyboard option"?  It's not standard.


  • ah ok

    thought it was standard

    ok - will try to find out

  • No, it isn't standard - it is an at-purchase optional upgrade.


  • I think it's FN + F6..

    Btw do you know if a backlit keyboard would work on a laptop that doesn't have a back lit keyboard??

  • As long as the system in question has a backlit-keyboard option, yes - it will work.