Dell XPS Studio 1645 num lock and scroll lock?


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Dell XPS Studio 1645 num lock and scroll lock?

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Where are the buttons for the scroll lock and num lock? I found the hidden numpad, but where's the num lock and scroll lock?

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  • Sorry, I can't answer your question, but where did you find the hidden numeric keypad?  I can't find it on my Inspiron 5030!

    Brianlb  <ADMIN NOTE:Email id removed per privacy policy>

  • Try Fn-F5

  • On my XPS Fn-F5 turns "scroll lock" on/off.

  • Fn F5 brightens the screen. Where is the hidden number pad and the number lock on an XPS laptop?

  • Studio XPS 1645 does NOT have a way to turn numlock on.

    If you run quickset, you'll notice that there's nothing about function keys or keyboard, other than the backlight.

    Is there a "hidden" num pad? How did you find it?


    If you press (Fn) and the corresponding key, you get:

    (J)=1 (K)=2 (L)=3 (M)=0 (U)=4 (I)=5 (O)=6 (P)=* (:)= - 

    For whatever it's worth.

  • For me, Fn+S turns scroll lock on/off, but it's an XPS13.