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1545 laptop is randomly going into sleep mode (even while active)


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1545 laptop is randomly going into sleep mode (even while active)

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Yesterday morning my Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop started going into sleep mode randomly.  Even while I was actively using it, typing, online, etc.    I restarted and it didn't do it for a while, then started doing it again.  Then this morning upon start up I got a blue screen error.  Twice!  It's gone to sleep three time on me and the screen keeps going black for a second like it's about to go into sleep then goes back to normal.

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit and have only had the computer since February.  I didn't do any new updates or install any new software!  I'm not running on the battery, the computer is plugged in.  I don't think it's overheating because the fan isn't even running and I always make sure to keep the vents clear. 

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  • Contact Dell Support since you are still under warranty. This is a user to user forum, not support.  The fan should be running off and on.

  • Didn't know I was still under warranty, thought it was only 90 days.  The fan does cycle off and on, I meant that when it randomly goes into sleep mode I hadn't noticed any overheating.

  • Hi, I had the exact problem, I went on live chat with a technician, and she did a remote connection and downloaded  BIOS and updated drivers and something to do with my video or graphics, but anyway I'm still under warranty, I believe it lasts for a year from when you purchased the PC. I went to chat after it happened three or four times and when I was typing on chat it did it then also, but when I pressed the power button it came back up to where I was. Good luck, Liz

  • you're going to feel slly about this. i had this same issue for a couple weeks and figured it out yesterday. i even looked through the event log. i'm a software geek. mine was overheating because i always had it sitting on my bed, atop a comforter, and the fans underneath the laptop were not getting enough air, they were just making the comforter warm and lacking a place to expel the air. i sat my computer on a firm coffee table book atop my comforter so now the bottom of the laptop is elevated the slightest bit so it can expel air. essentially, the computer couldn't breathe. now it can, and it no longer randomly goes into sleep mode. try it yourself!

  • Yes i have same problem with this laptop.

    with me also when i work with laptop in my lap & fan comes exactly on my leg. it gets closed & no air circulation. so it get in sleep mode.