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Dell Inspiron N5010 boot failure. Help..!!!


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Dell Inspiron N5010 boot failure. Help..!!!

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At everytime I switch on my Inspiron N5010 it shows a text mentioning that my Windows7 installation is corrupted and it needs to be repaired. Then it begins "Startup Repair" and it goes for hours but nothing will happen. I also tried to boot it up using my Windows7 installation CD but it also fails. However, the HDD lamp is also light on.

Before it this problem taken place my Windows7 OS started to freeze when I start some applications and it also prompt me that there is a file system error and it needs to be repaied.

Can anyone suggest a solution for this problem please?




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  • There are some important files missing or corrupted that happened either during the install or something you did post install...Or the computer gods said hey, lets give this person a headache. Did windows 7 come original or whas it an upgrade? Also what happens when you put the install cd it. I might suggest reformating the HDD and reinstalling windows. If you can't do that from the computer itself (Im sure this isn't the only way but this is what I would do) take the HDD out and get a cable for like 5 dollars from fry's or what ever you have near you thats usb to sata and do it from another computer. Then pop the HDD back in and install from there. The problem is your system trying to fetch certain command files for the boot process that are either missing or corrupt and it doesn't know what to do. My level of expertise with this specific issue are limited but I think that these are the steps I would take. Plus no one else has said anything yet haha.

    Really though, please be more specific about what happens when you put the install cd and try and boot that way...Is there no way to get the OS to run up?

  • Thanks for your ideas PETERA88 :) Actually I found that the HDD of my 15R failed and get repaired from Dell free-of-charge because it was happened within the warrenty period. Still it is not clear the reason for that failure but recently I found that many 15R users have experiance about freezing the system when using the machine. Even I also have that problem with my 15R as well....Tongue Tied


    Sometimes I feel that I have taken a wrong decision by purchasing15R instead of choosing another Dell model.....Crying

  • Hi,

    My Inspiron n5010 also had the same problem. Since it was less than a month Dell service changed it with the new one. Actually I could get another model of Dell or even a different brand from the shop I bought it. But I again got Dell Inspiron n5010 and guess what the same error (error code 142) occured again and now they are gonna change this one, too. This time sorry but I will not get inspiron again. It only gave me trouble...

    So, there is definitly a problem with inspiron n5010 models. Dell company should advise on this. Otherwise I will lose my "trustworthy dell" image forever.


  • I purchased same recently...

    Getting same error

    Boot configuration corrupt.

    How to solve the issue...not getting support from even dell

    I tried Dell factory image restore ....resulted  Fail

    I tried system restore.... resulted fail

    Everthing tried but same result.

    Can Any body help me.


    Some info 

    Volume 0  D dvd rom

    Volume 1 E recoveray 

    Volume 2  diellutily(default dell)

    Please help me out....

  • Same issue error code 142.

    Dont think I want a replacement if its just going to be the same on a replacement.

    I might take this to trading standards seeing as it appears everybody else seems to have the same issue.

    What a waste of £600 pounds, and Dell used to be so good

    what is more worrying is Dell cant even be arsed to respond