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Dell Inspiron battery charging problem.


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Dell Inspiron battery charging problem.

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I have an Inspiron 1318 and get the error message 3600-0749. Says it does not recognize the AC adapter or wattage and to please use the Dell 65W AC adapter. Battery won't charge. Warranty expired in January. I'm using the factory 65W AC adapter. Have tried other batteries and adapters. They all work properly on another computer, but not on this one. This tells me that the problem is internal in the laptop. After researching this on the web, it seems that this is a very common problem with Dell, and that the trouble is a defective connection or terminal on the motherboard. Apparently the systems are defective, but Dell has not issued a recall on them!  Let's face it, if you build 1million computers and have a certain problem reported in 2500 of them, something is wrong, but it's not common enough to warrant a recall. But if you build 1 million of them and have reports of the same problem with 190,000 of them, you have a serious problem that should be covered under a recall program. From what I've read on the net, it is a very common problem. Have tried downloading the latest BIOS version, but can't do it. It requires 10% battery and this one only has 3%. With the original battery or a new replacement battery, even after charging in another Dell computer, they only show 3% in this computer. Don't understand that!!!

Maybe I'm wrong, but in my humble opinion, any new computer should last more than 22 months without hardware problems. And this definitely appears to be a hardware related problem. Has any one else out  there had any luck getting any help from Dell on this issue?

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  • I could not agree wth you more. I'm just one of the other thousands out there thats having the some problem. Ive tested my battery and charger on other laptops and both are working find. I had the dc jack on the mother board replaced but that did not fix the problem. Im guessing my only option is to replace the mother board, but Ill buy an HP laptop before I give Dell any more of my money. Have you or anyone else reading this ever used one of the external battery charges? I was just wondering if they work and if so where did you get it.

    Hope you were able to get yours fixed.

  • OK. Dell has a problem that they won't seem to admit. I tried a known good battery and a known good AC adapter from another Dell (same part numbers) and neither worked.(One good  Dell battery and a new aftermarket battery, two different Dell AC adapters actually.) I checked my AC adapter with a voltmeter and it was putting out 19.46 volts.,but would not charge any battery in my laptop. I bought a new aftermarket AC adapter and battery and both work fine. So with aftermarket parts, my computer works fine, but won't work right with factory equipment! Seems backwards to me. I still contend that factory equipment hard parts, internal or external, should last longer that  a year and a half no matter what the product is. This laptop gets what I would call light to moderate use. It gets used about 1 1/2  - 2 hours per day, 5 days per week, for some online college courses. Anything other than that gets done on my desktop, which has only failed once in 6 years, and that was a Windows problem. I erased and re-installed Windows and everything worked fine again. My Linux system worked fine on the same computer the entire time, even when Windows didn't.

    Anyhow, thanks for all of the input. The problem seems to be solved. All I had to do was to purchase non-Dell parts.

  • I just finished looking an my friends inspiron 1318.  The exact same problem affected his machine as is affecting yours.

    a non-Dell AC adapter was reported when in fact it was the original adapter from Dell.  The machine will not recognize the installed battery.  

    i ordered him a new battery from E-bay for $25 and priced out motherboards.  I wish I had come across this thread before I ordered the battery, but a guy can probably use a second battery at some point (Dell gets $135 + tax and shipping, so $25 is a drop in the bucket.

    I will advise my friend to replace the motherboard and sell the machine.  I think I'll suggest he look at ASUS or Lenovo or HP.

    Good luck with your problem machine


  • i have a inspiron 1440, and it has been doing the same thing for two months now. i boutght this computer in march of 2010. what is wrong?

  • I am having the same problem with my Dell Inspiron at 13 months of age I need to buy a new power cord but apparently that won't solve the ptoblem if the issue is internal ...ugh ...not buying another Dell

  • Inspiron 1520...don't remember when purchased, but a couple years ago probably.  Having same problem with the's a Dell model FA65N-6NSO-00 part number 9T215.  It's not recognized as a viable adapter and won;t charge my battery which is now at 7%.  I'm going to start hounding Dell support.

  • Why is there not a reply from a dell support staff?

    I see many many requests on the internet on battery issues  and no solutions