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DELL Authorized Service Center in Saudi Arabia


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DELL Authorized Service Center in Saudi Arabia

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I have Alienware Laptop, Area-51 M17x ... I bought the system about 2 years ago from alienware UK and it was shipped to Saudi Arabia. Now I am having problems with heating and need some servicing. The service center that claims to be dell service center says that "it only services  the systems purchased from its shop" so I am clueless now. Anyone knows if there is any authorized service center in eastern region. I contacted Alienware UK and they regretted as the system is out of warranty.


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  • Dear wdmalik,

    The people from dell clearly do no care about your problem or mine for that matter...

    It's been 6 years and you have still not received a response. I had the same question.

    Now I realize that Dell does not care about its customers abroad. They've purposefully made it difficult for us to contact them. As far as I know they still do not have an authorized service center here in Riyadh, KSA. This is the last time I'll ever buy a dell product. Horrible support...

  • If you purchased your computer from country A you need to transfer the warranty to country B.  You can do that here.  Please note that the only way you be able to get service is if that computer was sold in the country you are located and they are able to support that country.  Below is more information in terms of technical support contacts for your location:

    Basic and Wyse Systems: 800 844 3743 (0800-1730, Sunday-Thursday)

    ProSupport, ProSupport Plus, Premium Support: 800 844 3751 (0800-1730, Sunday-Thursday; 24x7, English)

     Partner Led Carry-In-Service (CIS)


  • Dell doesn't have a corporate presence in your country - something you should likely have checked before buying.  All service and support there is through independent resellers -- which likely as you've noted don't want to service what they haven't sold.

  • Hi A55KIKA,

    Also, check this link to find the service partners in your country -

    Let us know if you have any other queries.

    Thanks and Regards,
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