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Charger suddenly stopped working !!!!!!!!!


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Charger suddenly stopped working !!!!!!!!!

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I have the studio 15 (1558) the charger of the laptop suddenly decided to stop charging the laptop know its not working ihave no idea what went wrong

Any ideas or did any of you have similar experiences.

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  • It could be the power supply is shot. Try taking out the battery on the laptop and putting it bacl in. Also not sure on your model, but some batties have a status button. (tells you how charged it is). If yous has one press that when you have the battery out and then hook it all back up.

    If you have friend with a similar laptop best case is try your charger on theirs , other than that it could be time to order a new one. There are lots of third party adapaters that shoudl work.

  • Careful with that advice - third party adapters will run the system but generally will NOT charge the battery.


  • Not sure on your expereince but perosanlly I have had 4  third party power adapters over the years Two for a Dell , one for an HP and one for an Acer and I never had an issue with any of them. I do stay away from the cheap ones on Ebay though.  I thibk to say all third party adapters are bad is misleading.

  • It's very rare to find third party adapters that will charge a battery in a Dell system - I'm curious as to what make and model they are?
    Like Apple, Dell's battery-charger-system forms a closed loop that needs genuine parts to function.


  • It was qute some time ago for me but I belive it was a Targus (or perhaps a Kensington')  in fact I think my Son has one of those now (Targus) on a Inspiron 1520 (as he destroyed the orignal one)

  • I've had this problem on and off intermittenlty for the 3 years I've had my dell inspiron 15z.  Updating to windows 10 seemed to have cured the problem, but it recently started back up again.  A weird thing that seems to work about 75% of the time when this happens, is to make sure your laptop is on a solid surface and not your lap when you plug the charger in.  Another thing that works from time to time, is to use a different charger and let the other one "rest".  There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to this problem but through all the forums I've been on, it is more common with Dell laptops than any other.

  • After a while laptop chargers will eventually wear out. You'll need to order a new charger from Dell.