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XPS M1530 Backlight Failing LED Monitor


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XPS M1530 Backlight Failing LED Monitor

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I have an XPS M1530 with 1440x900 LCD/ LED backlight monitor. I've had it for about 2 years now. About a month ago I noticed some dark stripes at the bottom of my laptop screen (looks like backlight failing). If I closed the laptop and opened it again, the backlights would properly light up and the screen would look uniformly bright. Eventually this solution stopped working and the dark vertical stripes would reappear after a few seconds when I opened the laptop up.

Fast forward a couple of months.... Now the problem has doubled. In addition to the spaced out vertical stripes at the bottom of the screen, I can now see a partner dark vertical stripe. So now it appears a regular pattern of two vertical stripes side-by-side. I was wondering if this could be a connection between the monitor and motherboard coming loose or if my backlight is completely failing and I would need to buy a new screen.

If anyone has come across a similar problem it would be helpful to know what you did. I am about to open up the laptop monitor and check out the connection, but a bit fearful of this since the screen is still viewable (just a bit stripy at the bottom) and I could make the problem worse.

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  • Attach an external monitor. Does the fault show on it?  If it does not, then you may have a screen problem.  If it does, it's a  dying video chip.


  • I regularly use the HDMI on my tv and the effect does not show up on the tv. I also update video card drivers religiously and none of them fix the problem. That is why I am pretty sure it is localized to the monitor only. And in the beginning I could see the backlights flickering on and off when I opened and closed the lid. Now they just stay off.

    Unfortunately a replacement monitor of the same quality on ebay is about the price of a cheap laptop :( That is why I was hoping someone else had a similar problem and was able to fix it.

  • From the description the only fix is a replacement screen.