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What is ANIOApi.dll? How do I get the reinstallation?


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What is ANIOApi.dll? How do I get the reinstallation?

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I have a Dell Inspiron with Windows Vista. Every time I power on my computer and get to the desktop a message appears saying  I have to reinstall ANIOApi.dll?  to my computer? I have no clue what this device is? Why do I need it and what does this do? Also in my device manager under Base system devices it has a question mark (no exclamation) next to the device. Is the ANIOApi.dll installation and the base system device related? Actually what is the Base System Device????

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  • Have you done anything with your network connection lately? Like changing to a new router or installing new drivers or other software for it?

    If so, it was probably left over from the previous installation. ANIO is used by D-Link drivers and is often left behind by setup/reinstall/modify utilities. Unfortunately, if that's the case you have to remove it manually. Fortunately, this is easy Smile

    Go to add/remove program under control panel and remove two things:

    - ANI services      and

    - ANIWZCS2 services

    This also helps if you ever see a similar message about WZCSLDR2 but I gather that you don't get that one.

    [Please note that I assume that you have no other problems with your connection - just that irritating message]


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