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Dell Inspiron n5010 (15R) Caps Lock / Num Lock and Bluetooth bottuns issues! please help!


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Dell Inspiron n5010 (15R) Caps Lock / Num Lock and Bluetooth bottuns issues! please help!

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ok friends, i have a little problem here, whenever i'm renaming something or inputing a word into a dOcumet, or even right now here!!! and i want to active or deactive Caps/Num as soon as i press the corresponding button an icon appears over system time showing activeness or deactiveness of thise bottons AND make my active window deactive so i have to click on that window again to continue writing, what's this??? how should i use caps and num locks without deactivating my main window!? please help me, i think it worked fine before, but now it's just over my nerves :P

and something else, when i press e.g Caps Lock a cute icon appears anD sais it's activated or deactivated, but a not really cute win 98 like writing also appears and sais the exact same thing, how can i disable the win98 notification of caps and num locks? cuz there's no such thing for bluetooth... thanKs for your time and sorry for being long and my weak English

i'm practicaly using shift instead of caps lock to write this post :)

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  • I own the very same laptop, it's very rare!

    The icons of the caps locks and num are fine, they are suppose to appear, otherways, you woulden't realize when is on or off.

    The issue with the windows it's just rare.. never happened to me.. check the config of the windows if you ever changed it.

  • I own the same laptop - have the same problem - and it's enough to make me want to return this laptop. I'm a long-time Dell laptop owner (I always buy Dell) but this CAPS LOCK issue where screen becomes inactive until caps lock icon fades away in the lower right-hand corner - ridiculous. I don't believe we're alone in this as I've Googled the issue and found others with the problem - yet still no answer!

    I'm not willing to do a registry hack on a brand new laptop so my only other option would be to request a refund and switch to HP.  Any helps, tips, advice on dealing with this nuisance of a problem, is definitely appreciated.

  • I had some internal problems a few months ago that forced me to replace my internal harddrive, but I am trying to get back that CAPS Lock and NUMBERS LOCK sign that used to appear to tell me if I activated it or not. How do I get that to working again?

     I had to restore my entire computer back to factory settings, but that feature never worked again like it used to, any ideas? 

  • Mr PA - You should try to install Quickset. Others - This problem is not that rare. I have it since half of a year and have solved it today... I just blocked quickset from the system startup and it works. There is no icons though but I still have reminders (no idea where they came from, the whole problem started when they appeared) like "CAPS LOCK: ON/OFF" and the same for numlock. Hope it helped someone two years after this topic started ;)