Inspiron 1520 won't power up. Blue lock "A" light flashes then turns off.


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Inspiron 1520 won't power up. Blue lock "A" light flashes then turns off.

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.After I push power button, one of 3 lock lights, the A lock   flashes blue, and a steady blue power light occurs to right of keboard, for about 5-7 seconds, then turns off after a soft high pitched beep.. The computer did get hot before this occurred. Tried getting new power cord because old one was not correct one. Tried booting up with and without battery & did not work.  Screen never comes up.



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  • Flashing caps lock is usually a memory problem - reseat (remove and reinstall) both modules.  If that doesn't work, try them one at a time in each socket until you find the faulty module or socket.


  • What are "both modules" How does one go about doing that?


  • have the same issue. Replaced memory and the blue "A" keeps flashing and computer shuts off

  • Thanks enj63! I had the same issue after I replaced the Dell battery with a generic battery. The battery itself was 3/4" wider than the original Dell battery and had a rating of 11.1V == 7800mAh/87Wh. The laptop did exactly the same as it did for  sylviarnmlt. I did what you suggested, took out the memory and seeded it back in and put it back together and turned on the laptop with it completely working correctly. Thank you enj63, I was very worried that I burnt up my laptop!

  • My dell inspiron . 1520 , I was booting it on and it didn't boot and I don't know the problem .if I press the power botton all the three light on the three keys all came and and went off and nothing appears on the screen. Any time that I press it, it do the same thing

  • Hi

    Pls my dell inspiron 1520 is not booting again

    When I press the power on botton, those locks nearby the power botton flashes and goes off.

    But nothing comes to the screen