Enabling/Activating Bluetooth on latitude e4300


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Enabling/Activating Bluetooth on latitude e4300

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l cant activate my bluetooth on my laptop e4300. If I search in help it says to go into Bluetooth devices in control panel but that doesnt exist! Maybe I need to push a button or do something on my actual laptop to enable bluetooth?

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  • If there's not a wireless switch on the front of the system, try FN - F2.  Has the bluetooth ever worked, or is this the first time you're trying to use it?  If it has never worked, are you sure you have bluetooth (it's not standard in most systems but rather an extra-cost add-on at purchase)?

  • I bought it, it shows up on my order and on the packing list that shipped with the machine, but I can't turn it on either.  I have a Latitude e4300 that was shipped with 64bit only we had to reformat it to 32 bit because much of our software at work (this is a company machine) would not run on 64 bit.   I have tried buttons, function keys, etc and I have had no luck.  I'm going to download the driver for the Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module and try that, but any help that can be offered will be appreciated.

  • SOLVED: (Windows 7)  To activate Bluetooth you must confirm that you have downloaded, installed, and are running the bluetooth application.  You will know if you have installed it by looking on your harddrive for "C:\Program Files\WIDCOMM\Bluetooth Software\BTTray.exe"  Typically, if installed, it will be listed under your start > all programs > startup > (as) Bluetooth

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    You must download and install the Bluetooth driver/application.  With it installed, you will see an icon (lower tray) that allows you to enable or disable Bluetooth; as well as to add a device, or make yourself discoverable.

    I just updated 2 E4300s myself.  I, as yourself, noticed that there was no Bluetooth device in the device manager.  But did believe that I had Bluetooth capability.  So, I went to the download/drivers and loaded the Bluetooth application.  The Bluetooth application does a few things:

    1) Load the Bluetooth application which allows you to turn on/off Bluetooth (your original question.)

    2) Allows you to add a device or be discoverable.

    3) And now, when Bluetooth is enabled, you will see a Bluetooth device in the device manager. (If you disable Bluetooth via the application, you will NOT see a Bluetooth device in the device manager.)

    Where I found it today: 1/3/2013


    Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module Application: This package provides the Dell Wireless 365 Bluetooth Module Application and is supported on Vostro Notebook and Latitude models that are running the following Windows Operating System: Windows 7.

  • I have an E4300 I bought secondhand on Ebay running Windows 7 Ultimate.  It's not the original Dell version of Win 7.  I'm trying to get Bluetooth to work with a cordless mouse.  I have downloaded the following software:


    When I unzip it and run it, the following happens on the screen:

    "Preparing to install" blinks three times, then "Activate Bluetooth using Wireless Switch" shows in a popup.

    I'm not sure what else I should do besides turning the wireless switch on the right side near the display hinge off and on, but the only effect I can see is I lose my WiFi connection momentarily.  I've tried this with the mouse and without it.  Am I doing something wrong?   I see no mention of Bluetooth in the BIOS or in Device Manager.  Is it possible that the computer doesn't have the Bluetooth hardware installed?  If so, how can i confirm this?  Can I install it if it's missing, assuming it's available any more?

  • Have downloaded the software Wireless 365 Bluetooth A04 2 R247521. But at the end of the installation a screen appears "Activate Bluetooth using Wireless Switch."

    How this has to be done on a Latitude e4300 notebook? Toggling the wireless switch on the laptop is having no effect.