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Studio 17 Touchpad Disable when USB Mouse Connected


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Studio 17 Touchpad Disable when USB Mouse Connected

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I, and other Studio 1745 Windows 7 64-bit users, are trying to diable the Synaptics TouchPad v7.2, when an external USB mouse is connected.

I have updated to:

  1. BIOS to version A03 March 15, 2010, and
  2. Synaptics Pointing Device v14.0.13 29Oct09
  3. Microsoft USB Wilreless Mouse (Intellipoint) 11/3/2009 v7.10.344.0 for Microsoft Wireless Mouse 3000

Having to configure the device settings to disable the touchpad should happen automatically when the USB mouse in connected.  Disabling the touchpad should not require manual disablement.  This capability is widely available on other systems.

When can Dell or Synaptics create this capability?

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  • I don't know if this applies to the1745, but my 1764 is similar and has a Function key that disables the touchpad.  Mine is right of the F12 key and has an X on what looks likes a monitor screen but is actually supposed to be a touchpad. I found it by accident when I was testing all the keys. Check your manual and Windows Help and Support.

  • I have the same problem with my Studio 1749, which has the synaptics v 7.2 touchpad. No sense in me updating the settings if it didn't work for you, Mrbaseball. The  key Mary B recommended is a redundant disc eject key on the Studio 1749.

    It's driving me crazy. There is no 'device select' area, like the alps touchpad version had. You are right Mrbaseball. this setting should be made available somehow. Every laptop I've owned has had this capability. i keep thinking I must be missing something, but it's not there.

  • Has anyone yet figured out how to skirt this problem and disable the touchpad?  It's driving me crazy!  I have a Studio 1558 and love the computer otherwise.