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Latitude D610 battery not charging; can't BIOS

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I've had my Latitude D610 for about five years now and it's been a reliable backup computer for some time. I can't complain, but I'd really like to keep using it.

A couple days ago the battery suddenly stopped charging. I don't know anyone who has the same computer, so I can't test out the battery, but the problem seemed to come overnight. It wasn't a gradual loss of charge, so I dont think it's the battery. And the computer does work on AC power.

I also tried BIOS, but because the battery is less than 10 %, that's not a possibility, either.

Any recommendations how I can fix this?

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  • First thing to try is a new Dell AC adapter - if that doesn't fix the problem, and there's no evidence the battery is faulty, then the mainboard needs repair or replacement.