Dell Latitude D531: Broadcom NIC only works when docked into docking station


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Dell Latitude D531: Broadcom NIC only works when docked into docking station

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I'm having a really strange problem with one of our Dell Latitude D531 laptops.

The laptop is running Windows XP Prof. SP3 and is joined to a Windows Server 2003 Domain.

As long as the machine is docked into the docking station, everything is working fine.

As soon as we disconnect the machine from the docking station and reboot , the onboard Broadcom NIC will no longer work.

The NIC still shows up in the device manager from Windows XP, but is marked with a red cross. The error message states:

This device is disabled. (Code 22)

I have the choice of re-enabling the device, but it instantly switches back to error code 22.

I already tried upgrading to the latest official driver from Broadcom itself, which is at version at the moment...but still, no luck with that.

I'm suspecting this behavious might have something to do with misconfigured power management settings, since everything is working fine as soon as the notebook is plugged back into the docking station

It also doesn't matter if the laptop is running on battery or is connected to a power supply.

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  • Control Panel ==> System ==> Hardware Profiles

    there should be one for when the computer is docked and one for when it is undocked

    look to see what the setting is for the NIC for undocked profile



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