Hello, I have a dell xps m1330 and its about 2 years old. It broke a few months ago and i had to replace the hard drive and battery and ever since it has been running fine. last night i was on my computer and it said there was a windows update, nothing unusual, it said it was going to restart in 15 minutes so i pressed delay and then when i was ready to go to bed, i restarted it and let the updates install and on startup i got an error message saying that the AC adapter is not recognized and computer may be slower to compensate for not as much power. I did not do anything to the cable, and it didnt fall out or anything. So i shut it down, and my computer took a lot longer than usual shut down. i had to hold the power button down and force shut down. I woke up this morning and tried it...nothing. So i thought maybe it was a virus in the update, so i did a system restore do the day before and it still will not charge. What is wrong? Was there a virus? or did my adapter just die at that moment? any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Oh and also, the battery does not drain. It is idle, so this makes me thing that there is power going into the computer, just not charging the battery.