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Bought new Inspiron mini - help with Keyboard shortcuts

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I recently bought a new netbook and use Microsoft Office 2010.  I use it to write plays, screenplays, novels etc.  When I use the keyboard key Page up and Page Down -- it only goes up one line or down one line instead of a "Page."  How can I make it "Page" up and "Page" down?

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  • That's odd. What happens when you press the up/down arrows? Are they reversed? You should contact Support about this.

    PS Always mention which operating system and version you have and the exact model netbook when posting here on the forum.

  • Thanks Mary

       I have Window 7.  On this new mini notebook -- the arrow up and arrow down and page up and down are on the same keys but I did find out that when you use "Control" page up and page down -- it's supposed to work as so but it doesn't -- it still just goes up a line or down a line.  I did find that when you right click the scroll bar on the side you can page up and page down but it takes an extra click -- kind of a bummer!  Thanks! Marilyn