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Dell D620 power cord problems


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Dell D620 power cord problems

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The power cord light does not lightup any more and will not charge the battery or run off A/C power.The light on the power pack box is lit and when I take a volt meter to the end plug there is no power when I touch one lead to the center electrode and the other lead to the outside of the plug.  There is a reading of 19.5v when I touch the lead on the volt meter to the outer plug and the inner part of the plug surface but not the center electrode.  I did notice the other day since I have battery bar I noticed it had showed it connected and disconnected on and off before it stoped working.  Is this a power cord issue or something more serious like the main plug on the laptop or mother board?


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  • It sounds like the adapter is fine and the issue is with the power jack, not the power supply.


  • Looks as if it's the power jack on the Mother board.  Does anyone know if it's possible to replace or repair the power jack?


  • Yes, if you have the skills and equipment.  It's not a job for a handheld soldering iron - you need the right equipment.  If you don't have it, a good computer shop (not a parts-swapper) can replace the jack.  Expect to pay $150 or so for the job to have it done right.


  • If it's going to be $150 I'll just get another used laptop since I only paid $200 for it  a  year ago.


  • How do I tell which motherboard I have in my D620?

    Thinking about getting a refurbished mother board but need to know which one I have.


  • There are two - one has Intel video and the other nVidia.  Unless you're a very big gambler, avoid the nVidia version like the plague.


  • so even though a motherboard says XD299 it could still have the NVidia so make sure to ask for one that has the Intel Chipset correct?  Or does the XD299 stand for the Intel chipset?


  • You do have the nVidia video chip.  Unless you're willing to gamble, I wouldn't replace it with another nVidia board -- the chips are notorious for high failure rates.

    The Intel-video version will be more reliable - and since you  won't get much of a warranty with a replacement board, that's reasonably important.  In some cases you may need a new heatsink - in at least some models, the Intel version uses a different heatsink from the nVidia.

  • ?

    Are you sure, since everything I found last night says i have the Intel chip which is denoted by the PN# XD299 which I have a tag on my motherboard that has that PN#.  The Nvidia chiped board has a PN# of F923K.  So according to what ive found I have the Intel chip and not the Nvidia.


  • There will be many part numbers for each board.  From this vendor, the model you quoted says nVidia video:

    but this one says Intel:

    If you've removed the board from the system, look for an nVidia chip - you may in fact have Intel.  If you haven't had video problems with the system, I'd bet you do have Intel and the first vendor's specs are incorrect.