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Dell 5520 on E6500 Win 7


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Dell 5520 on E6500 Win 7

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Does anyone know how to install the Dell Wireless Utility for AT&T on a Dell Latitude E6500? I was able to install the 5520 drivers using the method here but I can't figure out how to get the utility to install. When I try to install it I get a message "Not a dell compatible system" The file I am trying to use for the install is DELL_MULTI-DEVICE_A05_R216783. Thanks in advance.



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  • The usual cause of this is a missing installation of the Dell notebook system software - has that been installed?

  • Maybe you didn't read the question correctly or you are just not familiar with the devices I am asking about..... The 5520 card was not available in the E6500 and neither was Window 7 so the system software will do no good in this case. The 5520 is an older card that actually came in my D630 but I moved it to my E6500. For some idiotic reason Dell locks their driver and software installs to particular models of computers and to the OS installed on them. Since this is an older card and the driver nor utility have been updated for it there's no out of the box method to make it work. I am looking for a "workaround" The drivers worked fine once I hacked around the model and OS check. I need a simliar way to install the software.





  • I finally figured out a solution to this. If anyone else is interested here's what I did....

    On a supported model laptop (I still think it's insane Dell locks the WWAN cards by laptop model) in use the AdminStudio 9.5 repackager to repackage the Dell setup for the 5520 card utility. Now I have an msi that will install the utility on any model computer I care to use it on. :-) 

  • Oh finally I've found someone with the same problem as me. I'm trying to download the AdminStudio but I you shared the unlocked msi I would really appreciate it ;)

  • Hi,

    I would like to have it as well.... where can I get it?

  • Can anyone share this msi file, I have an identical issue on an E6400

  • I've solved it using this file: 20417934_MUU_EU870D_103_7_EMEA_open_sim_v1a.exe

    It flashes the device and updates the OS. After that, install Mobilink lite and you are good to go... Enjoy

  • Thanks J,

    googled the file, and only found it in a few places that I am not sure about "trusting."

    Where did you find the file?  and did it work in Windows7?



  • I've got a 6410 with Win7 x64 and it works like a charm. I've got the file from a colleague so sorry.. don't have the link..


  • Still no luck, this time the flashing part of the program says device not found, even though I can see it in the BIOS, and the lamp above the keyboard (I think its the one that means 3g comms) that is like a mobile phone signal strength indicator is illuminated.


    Anyone else having any luck or any bright ideas?

  • Hi everyone,

    I have new Latitude E6410 and old D630 with DW 5520 Mobile Broadband. I also have a problem with install this modem in new E6410. I solved this issue only partly. I moved folders from D630 (default: C:\Program files\Dell\Dell Mobile Broadband) to E6410. There are *.inf files so driver installed succesfully. Modem need software for correct work and it is not sufficient only copy application to the same location. I set register according to old laptop (HKLM\Software\Novatel Wireless)

    Any ideas?


    Here are the unpacked files, I Uploaded them ( 5520 Drivers) .  I got them from another post .



  • Dear all,


    the links seem to be outdated. Can anyone please be so kind and upload the unpacked files again?


    Thank you!

  • Hi, 

    I have the same problem with Dell Latitude E6500 and the 5520 card!

    Can anyone help me to overdue the problem?

    I did not find the programs that you mention up!!

  • sorry looks like I deleted the file . I dont think I have it anymore.