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Latitude 2100 Hard Drive Issues


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Latitude 2100 Hard Drive Issues

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I recently got a new hard drive for my Latitude 2100, since my old one was fairly damaged. The tech guy who installed the hard drive left no instructions what-so-ever. When I start up the computer my computer shows me "No boot sector on internal hard drive" and gives me three options to retry the boot, open system preferences or to run diagnostics. I believe my hard drive has nothing, and absolute empty, so I inserted my Windows XP Service Pack 3 disc and nothing happened.

I'd apprentice any advice you have to share or know how to fix this. Thanks in advance

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  • You need to boot from your windows CD - press F12 at powerup (perhaps a couple of times) and choose the external CD-ROM drive as the boot device.


  • Thank you for your kind answer.


    I did as what you said and it only loads an empty command prompt. Yet, my disc drive is external and connected via USB. Will this not work because of that or no? Instead of booting from external CD-ROM drive I chose USB.

    Thank you again

  • You must choose the external CD-ROM as the boot device in order to start the Windows installation.


  • Don't forget that the Windows installation disk will prompt you to "Press any key" to start the install, if you don't press a key you won't boot into the Windows installation. Hope you backed up your stuff before they switched out your hard drive.