WLED Display VS Bright LED Display ------- Inspiron VS Studio


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WLED Display VS Bright LED Display ------- Inspiron VS Studio

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17.3" HD+ (1600 x 900) WLED Display with TrueLife™


17.3” HD+ (900p) Bright LED Display with TrueLife™


Hi Guys and Gals,

Can you explain the difference between these two screen types? All is the same except for WLED and BRIGHT LED.

I noticed that the Inspiron lineup comes with WLED and Studio Lineup comes with Bright LED, yet the more superior lineup XPS also have the WLED (16"), I think. I was thinking that the Bright LED Display is better than WLED since its standard on Studio laptops, a step-up from Inspirion.

Which one is a better screen and outputs better text and more vibrant colours? Which one is more pleasing to work? Can someone fully explain this one please?


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  • WhiteLED is the cheaper technology - it uses a white LED as a backlight.  Bright LED is RGB LED - uses Red-Green-Blue LED backlighting.

    All else equal, RGB will produce a superior image.


  • Thanks!


    That's what I thought and bought the Studio 17 until I saw WLED offered on some XPS laptops and wondered why they would offer it on a high end laptop above Studio series

  • I'm just curious why they offer the WLED on the XPS if they aren't as nice as the bright display?