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Purchasing a replacement XPS M1530 Motherboard


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Purchasing a replacement XPS M1530 Motherboard

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So my XPS laptop's motherboard recently got fried and I have been trying to purchase a replacement motherboard. The first one I bought said it was compatible but the actually part number did not match ( my original motherboard part is an MU 716).

Consequently, the new motherboard did not completely work though the person working on my computer says that maybe the motherboard itself is just faulty rather than it being because the product number was different. So should I go ahead and just try another motherboard that is supposedly compatible or should I just give in and pay the extra money for an MU716 motherboard?

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  • There are really two boards - on with an 8400GS chip and the other with the 8600GT chip.  Both have known-problematic nVidia chips - these are all failure prone.

    I would not throw good money after anything with either of these video chips - put the funds toward a replacement system.


  • Okay, so the guy who is fixing my computer suggested this motherboard : http://cgi.ebay.com/TESTED-Dell-XPS-M1530-INTEL-Motherboard-F125F-N028D-/390220369486?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Motherboards&hash=item5adaf24e4e


    So would something like this work with my laptop or will really any replacement motherboard be inherently faulty? Also, by faulty do you mean it simply won't perform as well or will really mess up my computer? ( my first motherboard died due to power problems rather than the motherboard itself I believe)


  • All boards for the M1530 use either nVidia 8400GS or 8600GT chips - and though nVidia has said otherwise, there are many who believe that both lines of chips are all faulty -- that nVidia didn't (in fact couldn't) fix the basic problem with them short of redesigning the GPU, which it clearly did not do.

    Since there's no way to know whether the GPU you buy is "fixed" or "faulty" - and since many believe they're all the latter, and further since no one warrants replacements for more than 90 days, it's a VERY big gamble with a couple of hundred dollars.

    It seems Dell is now offering replacement systems to many of  those who've extended warranties on the M1530 - so they've either run out of parts, or have resigned themselves to the idea that there's just no way to fix this problem short of replacing the system with a newer model.

    If you have to pay for a board for this model, don't bother - put the funds toward a new system.


  • My laptop is an XPS M1530 and it stopped working the other day.  i shut it down and then when i went to use it again later that day it wouldnt power up.  The LEDs lit up and then went out , leaving a blank/black screen and just the fan from the Hard Drive whirring in the background. 

    I find it very disheartening that DELL will only offer replacements to those who have extended warranties , while they were selling defective components on what were already very expensive gaming laptops.  Car companies recall defective cars when a known fault is discovered....in my opinion DELL should be doing the decent thing here too and recalling people who bought laptops with defective graphics cards.  As i live in the UK , a replacement motherboard will cost me approx. £250 GBP , and thats about $425 USD.....so there is NO WAY i am going to spend that , nor can i even afford to because i am still paying off the finance on my laptop!!!

    i am not happy with DELL at all....and this certainly dents my opinion of buying any product of theirs in the future.

  • I also have the same laptop and have had the same thing happen to me! Very frustrating! The laptop turns on, blank/black screen an I also an hear the fan running.  Shame on me for not purchasing the extended warranty! I had a computer tech look at it and they told me it was the motherboard! Dell doesn't even sell new motherboards, they are all refurbished and still cost $200 + not including labor.  Very unhappy also!

  • All M1530 boards interchange - there are really only two of them.  One has the nvidia 8300GS  video chip and the other, the 8600GT.  All of these are known to be of defective design - so you're making a big gamble the board will last. 

    The money is better spent on a replacement system - not on another board with another of these nVidia gems on it.


  • I've also been burned by Dell. They replaced my motherboard back when it was under warranty, then they extended my warranty for one year. A few months after that warranty expired the whole thing stopped working. Same description as everybody else on this post. Now I really need my XPS 1530 to work again so I can get all my photos and videos off the hard drive. Very frustrating. I feel really scammed by Dell because they knew this was a problem. 

  • You do not need a working mainboard to read the hard drive.  Remove the drive, mount it in a 2.5" SATA USB drive case, and attach it to a working system.   You can easily copy your files.

    These cost about $10.



  • i have the dell laptop, and my motherboard fried.  it is an xpsm1530

    is there any way this is related to the graphic card issue, and is there any way to get dell to do something about it? 

    my computer is out of warranty.  tech support quoted me over $500 to fix and replace.  my computer is not even 2 years old.

    can i buy the part, and replace it myself?

  • You can't replace just the video chip, no - you must replace the entire system board.  The problem is that the replacement is likely to have the same type of faulty chip as the original - there is no other option for this model of system.

    There is a settlement pending with nVidia - though don't expect much.



  • Yes, a bad video chip can prevent powerup.

    If you really want to replace the board:


    Bear in mind many engineers believe that all of these nVidia chips are faulty in design and will fail - and that you won't find anyone willing to give you more than a 90-day warranty on a replacement board -- so, your $250 may be better put toward a different system.


  • hi thanks for the info on the settlement process....more information than i have ever been able to get out of Dell themselves.

    though i do notice that this settlement only covers USA citizens.....i dont suppose you know if there is anything for UK consumers?

  • Hi Shorty

    Thanks for raising this, it appears that a number of others have experienced similar issues. My scenario seems very familar when reading the comments.

    Purchase Dell XPS 1530 for my birthday almost 3 years ago. Excitement, glee, intrepidation - my most expensive Tech purchase - yes, I got biten by the marketing bug and started clicking little dots on my screen, got the Blu-Ray player, upgraded this that and the other., TV Tuner, Remote Control Not cheap but spoiling myself for the first time in a while, - don't ya feel good when you do that?

    6 months later, give or take a week, and I'm on the phone speaking to a lovely girl with an Americasian accent who assures me that my HDD crash will be resolved quickly. Which it is, thank goodness for 24 Hr Tech Support option. Good service - item replaced... yes I lost a load of work but that's my fault for not backing up. Ho-hum.

    10 months of peace goes by, then the power keeps dropping, Can't take the cord out without everything going Black. Hmm, maybe a faulty battery, I'm sure customer service will understand and have it replaced. NAH! $250  and a few days later, I'm back in action.

    Scroll forward a year... it can't be that time? Oh, my clock's faulty, should be easy to correct. Error Occured - blah, blah, blah, Critical, blah, replace HDD, blah, blah, Motherboard knackered, blah, etc.

    Three days later, I'm still trying to sort it out, complete re-installation, Windows, Anti-virus, Drivers, Utilities, Updates, Hardware, more updates, back-up, more updates and guess what. My clock still doesn't work.

    Diagnostics run ok, then stop @ 20% with IRQ4 code, Realtime Clock Interrupt,

    More googling, more bad news, now here with everyone else wondering where the last three days have gone and which company will I buy my next birthday present from??


    PS. My step-daughter is using my 6 year old IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad on the original Battery and Iv'e never once had to contact them or spend hours searching for answers to bizarre error code trails.

  • The problem with that comparison is sitting on my desk - a Thinkpad T61 with a failed nVidia chip, same as in your Dell system.

    The problem with these video chips is nVidia's - not Dell (or Lenovo).


  • Nice to know that I'm not the only one having the same issues as everyone else on this blog.  I went out to the www.nvidiasettlement.com site to see if I could get in on the claim and they no longer except claims.  So what now?????  Do we all drive around with signs on our cars telling everyone how horrible Dell really is about their support and their product?  I'm game!  I just got off the phone, after being transferred four times and asked the same thing over and over again trying to get someone to tell me what's going on.  The fourth guy wanted to transfer me back to the first person I talked to and I told him NO!  He is going to have his supervisor call me, not holding my breath for that call.  

    Anyway, why wouldn't a company as large and as successful as Dell want to keep their customers happy?  I can understand if someone drops their machine and says "fix it" but this was THEIR fault, not ours.  Michael Dell should be ashamed of himself.  I will be reporting this to the BBB and also driving around with a "Dell sells faulty equipment and doesn't care" sign in my windshield.  

    The saddest part is that I really loved my 17" XPS.  It sounds like I'm going to have to buy a new computer and this time it will NOT be a Dell.  Sony sounds like a good option to me.  I'm going to tell my company, who mainly uses Dell laptops and desktops, that we may need to find a new computer provider as machines go out.  It's obvious that Dell isn't willing to stand up and take responsibility for their mistakes.