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Where do I find the keyboard Layout for the Inspiron 1545?


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Where do I find the keyboard Layout for the Inspiron 1545?

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Please help. I have spent several hours on the Dell support site and Google to no avail. Several keys which I do not know what they do and it would help if I could get a keyboard layout that would tell me what each key is for. Does anyone know of one, or has Dell not produced one, as of yet.

Thanks for any help.

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  • The information is in the setup guide - if there's not a copy on your hard drive, you can download it here:



  • I'm sorry I've looked at the setup guide several times and it does not have enought information to explain all the keys.

    Thanks ejn63

  • I have the same problem!  For instance, to make the screen display upside down so that in tent mode it will look right side up, I know there's a combination of keys you can press to make it happen.  But how is anyone supposed to figure that out?  I need a dictionary of what keys perform what functions, so that I can start using my machine.  Does anyone know where to find such a directory?  And it's nice that they explain the alternate functions of the keys as explained by the little pictures, but what are the basic functions of the keys??? 

    Especially that tent mode question for now, but I'd hate to have to ask on a forum every time I need to use a function key.  As far as I know, they're all there to make things interesting when I'm touch typing and my hands get out of position.....

    Other than that, I really like the computer.