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Dell Latitude D820 Motherboard Version/Integrated Video Card


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Dell Latitude D820 Motherboard Version/Integrated Video Card

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Hello, I have a Dell Latitude D820 Motherboard and I'm trying to figure out which version of motherboard this is, but I can't seem to find out where the item number is.  I'm also trying to figure out which version/brand of integrated video card it has and how much memory that card has.


Any help on this matter would be very appreciated, thank you.

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  • The version with Intel video has no video RAM - it uses system RAM. 

    There are two nVidia chips used on the discrete video versions - one has 128M and the other 256M of video RAM.

    The nVidia chips are G72 designs - based  on the 8400/8600 that has developed such a notorious reputation for failure.  They were called Quadro NVS110 in this implementation, but by any name these are lemons of video chips.

    The mainboard part number will start with DP/N and be near the memory socket on the bottom of the system ( you should be able to see it if you remove the memory hatch).


  • Thank you, but how do I tell which version I have?  The motherboard I am trying to find it out for is not currently in the laptop.  I've looked at the bottom near the memory socket and I don't see any numbers that start with DP/N. 

  • Somewhere on the board is a Dell part number - or, if there's no heasink attached, look for an nVidia chip - if you don't see one, you have Intel video.


  • Any suggestions as to what can be a more reliable alternative? I had my motherboard replaced about a year and a half ago because the video card failed, and now I have the same problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, I currently have the 128M version installed, if there is no way around replacing the motherboard with an oem, can I install the 256M instead? 

    Thanks in advance!!!!


  • The video chip can't be replaced - so the solution is a system board.  ALL the models using discrete video have the known-faulty nVidia chips so the Intel-video version is the reliable replacement.