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Studio 15 Hinge/Power button problem


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Studio 15 Hinge/Power button problem

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Hello all,


About a year ago the hinge on the left side of my Studio 15 broke simply from opening and closing it, just after my warranty expired. I am a college student and couldn't pay to get it fixed. While I was waiting to save up the cash to fix it, the right hinge broke, and to my dismay, taking the power button with it, apparently (after getting it checked out by a local computer repair shop) ripping out the wire that connects the button to the computer. Sad


I've researched this and I've found this hinge problem is quite common; it even trends on google when you type "studio 15 hinge" one will get "studio 15 hinge", "studio 15 hinge problem" and "studio 15 hinge broken". Obviously this is not a common problem. Is Dell aware of this? Have they offered any solutions to those who are out of warrenty? Have any of you experienced this problem? What about the power button?


Any answers to my questions with be great. Thank you all in advance. Smile


- NR

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  • If you google for "broken notebook hinge", the entire first page and a half of hits is for HP/Compaq computers - the first Dell issue comes in on the second page - so it's not just a Dell problem, but a generic notebook problem.

    The cost of the hinges and control strip should be well under $50 -- add an hour's labor for a shop if you don't replace them yourself.  As with any post-warranty repair, it's at your expense.

    However, if you let it go and the display cracks or the mainboard is damaged, you're looking at a few hundred dollars in repairs, so don't let the problem go any longer.


  • Thank you for the response.

    If you notice, I did not say "broken notebook hinge", I said type into google "studio 15 hinge". If I'm not mistaken, Dell is the only company that produces "Studio 15" laptops, hence why I was specific about the laptop name. I would assume it would take more than a few searches for Studio 15 hinge problem/broken for it to trend on google's search engine.

    Thank you for the advice about repairs, I was looking into that. A local shop can repair the hinges, but my main concern is with the power button. They've told me they cannot repair it, as it needs to be micro-sodered.

    tl;dr: Can Dell fix my Studio 15's power cable connection?



  • It depends on what's broken.  If it's just the cable/button assembly, that is a cheap part to replace:

    If however, the connector to the mainboard is damaged, that's another matter and will be expensive to have repaired (or replace).

    You missed the point of the post - you were claiming a "common Dell problem".  My point is that notebook hinges are a generic notebook problem common to notebooks from ALL manufacturers.  There's nothing special about Dell's hinges - other than that they're designed better than those that go into HP/Compaq systems, among others.  Eventually they do fail - as they will on any notebook.



  • No, they don't - very few places will tackle a repair like that.  You can try contacting a shop that does solder repairs ( is one) but I suspect they're going to tell you that you're better off just replacing the system board (expect that to run about $300-350 for the part, plus an hour's labor).

    It may be a better proposition to replace the notebook - given your history with this one, I would strongly suggest you get an accidental-damage policy on the next one.  It's one thing for a hinge to fail, but pure foolishness to continue using the system when that happens.  It's a bit like hearing the wear sensors on  your car's brakes - by ignoring them you turn a $50 pair of brake pads into $250 in pads and rotors.

    In some cases, failures are inexcusable.  In this case, the failure was your negligence - to blame it on the system is childish.



  • Your obnoxious attitude IS the problem - best wishes when you get to college (it's clear you have the maturity level of a kindergartner).

    For the safety of other motorists, when you learn to drive and purchase a car, please don't abuse it the way you did your notebook!




  • But, yeah. Besides the insulting each other, thank you for responding. ^_^

  • Just in case someone comes to this thread looking for useful information, besides what the previous user (can't remember his/her name right now) had already suggested: Pressing the media direct button turned on my computer. That is, I've turned on the computer without the power button on the right-hand side of the computer, I repeatedly tapped the touch-sensitive media dirtect button, the farthest button on the left. Hope this helps others who may have a simliar problem right now/down the road.

  • I have this problem as well. Both of the hinges on mine are broken; the casing around the screen is barely clinging on now. My power button still works, but the screen is very loose and whenever I shut it, the hinges go insane and it won't close entirely anymore. This has happened before, but I had warranty then, so I got it fixed. My warranty is expired now, so I'm just out of luck. Dell should offer some kind of fix for this, since it seems to be happening to most people with this model.

  • I have the exact same problem with a Studio 1555 along with several other problems!  How do I get the hinge repaired/replaced? TIA

  • I am also having hinge problems on my Studio 1537, on the left handside.

    as small clicking, which has now escallated into the casing being pulled apart!

    I will agree with infenronrx, after looking on the web, this is a common problem with Dell specific laptops, which should not be happening, when such as mine the laptop has been treated with care!


  • Lol. Sorry to the others in this thread that had/have the same problem as me. Dell still doesn't seem to recognize this problem. Which is why I'll never buy from them again.

  • At OP I have the same exact issue. College kid who relies on his Laptop and the wiring to the power button broke. I checked that link the second poster submitted, you can buy  the power button, wifi button, and the cord and strip all for 15 dollars. I just wouldn't be able to install it myself so I was wondering if most all computer repair places would be able to install it? 

  • The Power Button on right hinge doesn't do anything when pushed...but if I push the button on the left hinge it flashes two short & one long and then I can boot up the laptop with the media direct button...This is the only way I can power up.  Once powered on the button on the right hinge stays lit  everything works fine...  Does anyone know what is going on here and/or what is wrong?

  • Hi

    I have the same problem here with my Studio 1537. A shame Dell is simply neglecting this problem to all its users. It's clearly a design problem (eg the 630 doesn't suffer from it to that extend while the complete studio line seems to suffer from it.

    Although I was a big DELL-fan in the past and I still like their tooling for analysis, websites, and most of their products... this problem has seriously changed my opinion about the quality mindset within DELL.  Also the service-people I talked to simply connect me from one to the other and back. It's a shame to see yet another great western company going down the drain this way. No wonder people start to prefer the Chinese products: They give 3 year warranty: no questions asked.

    Dell: get your act together before your market share really starts to decline! A lost customer is very hard to win back!

  • My Daughter has the same issue with both hinges and the start button on her studio 1537. Could anyone please tell me what the part number is for :

    • Both Hinges
    • Start button
    • Back cover

    I have tried to find these parts on the Dell site but have had no success so far.

    Many thanks!