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dell studio 1537 power turning on but screen still please!!!


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dell studio 1537 power turning on but screen still please!!!

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My computer screen froze one night then went to a blue screen. I did as the book said and turned my computer off by the button when I went to turn it back on the hard drive activity light flashed once then shut off and my laptop screen still stayed black. The power was on because my keys still light up when I touched them and the power light is a solid white. I tried pushing the extra energy out by turning my laptop off and holding the button for 30seconds. I even took the battery out and tried that way. Still every time I turned my computer back on the hard drive activity flashed once and the screen remained black. Is there any way to fix this? Can somebody help me??????

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  • Similar problems , i turn the Power button on and the hard disk activity light flashes once and then shut off , the keyboard backlight stays on and the power button stays on , the screen is always black.

    I do not get the Bios screen or the dell screen , I have the Dell studio 1537, Help me.........

  • do you have windows 7 installed on it?

    can you please tell me what configuration you have..i do have Studio 1558 and have similar kind of problem+ heating problem

  • If you are familiar with laptop hardware you could take out all memory then turn on the latop with no memory to force an error to show on the screen.


    Or if you do not want to try the above then when laptop boots hold down the fucntion key then hit the key that shows teh screen or is marked as LCD this way you force it to show on the LCD monitor.

    These things happen when people sometimes go back from a 2 monitor dual display back down to just using the built in lcd screen.

    If this is what happened then you will need to get the external screen back then log in and adjust settings back to using one lcd screen then you can remove the secondary screen.

  • My problem is resolved ,


    1 -  connected the laptop to the power out let , and remove the battery 

    2 - press on /of button on the side , as soon as it turns on , press it again to off it

    3 - repeat step 2 ( 7 or 8 times )

    4 - press the on/off button to turn on the Laptop and wait , it will turn on and every thing is fine


    Also you should call Dell support even if your warranty has expired , if its a problem with the part they will fix it.


  • I have the same problem on my son's laptop.  The lights flash across the top as usual (volume controls, etc) and the power light stays on but black screen, not even a boot screen.  The fan is running.  I put a windows cd in the cd drive to see if it would try to boot from that but nothing.  The eject light lights up when I touch it but it doesn't eject the cd.  I tried the above solutions but nothing helped.  Any ideas?

  • Hawkins, did you resolve your issue? I'm have the same problem, but the listed work-arounds listed didn't work.

  • I'm good girl
  • My problem resolved  with the above steps