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Dell inspiron 1521 startup repair problem


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Dell inspiron 1521 startup repair problem

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hey my laptop is having an issue and i was wondering if anyone can help me out.  i am using a windows vista home basic on a dell inspiron 1521

every time i start up the laptop it loads for a very long time and the windows logo never appears to log me in. usually at this time i will tend to shut the computer

off by removing the battery in the back of the laptop (i know thats bad for the computer). when i start it up again the boot screen appears then goes to the balck screen

that ask if i want to run startup repair. i click enter for yes and the screen dissapears but then comes back asking if i want to run startup repair again. it repeats every

time i hit startup repair and it wont let me run it.

please help

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  • Boot to the Dell diagnostics (F12 at powerup) and run an extended (NOT just a quick) test of the hard drive.


  • ok i am running it i think i clicked the right thing is this it

    sorry for the bad picture i got it off google images the only diffrence is the box in the middle of the screen running a test 

  • Once that's done, boot to the 32-bit diagnostics and run the extended hard drive test from there (you'll see the option).  That will take a couple of hours depending on the size of the drive.


  • for some reason when the diagnostic is running it will shut down. i left the room for about in a hour and it said it was still at zero percent and the diagnostic was running but when i came back the computer was off. i tried it again and the same thing happened

  • the only way to fix a dell apparently is to get rid of it entirely. I found that out when i had she same issue you've described and 4 other issues in first month after purchase. it collected dust for a while since that is what it was best at and when i finally had the time to call them warranty was expired.  I had a repair guy replace the hard drive, i lost all files. original problem didn't ever get fixed. tell me how hard drive, speakers and motherboard need to be replaced within a month of owning the piece of junk. i get more use out of a paperclip than a dell product. And their customer service blows too. save your self money and get an apple product next time (or anything but dell at least).