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Dell Mini 10 Digital TV software

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While using the Dell Digital TV software that came with my Mini 10 netbook, I noticed a new icon (top, third from the right) that looked something like an up arrow.  When I clicked it, I was told that there was an application update available.  I chose to download it.  It downloaded correctly, but when it attemped to install, it failed with the error: "TV Enhance version 1.6 not installed. Patch fails.".  I contacted Dell, and that is when the fun began.

Dell sidestepped the error and provided a link to a new application (WinTV6) and a new driver.  They suggested I contact Hauppauge if I had trouble.  Neither the application nor the driver worked with my my tuner card, so I did contact Hauppauge.  They have been very helpful (after requiring that I disassemble my netbook and provide a picture of the tuner card, to prove that Hauppauge really made it), and pointed out that Dell gave me the wrong links... Hauppauge then provided links to where Dell offers WinTV7 and another driver 1.88.27090.1, A01  Dated 12/1/2009.  Unfortunately, this Dell link is incorrect too, as it downloads instead driver 1.88.27090.1, dated 5/31/2009.  Neither the Dell Digital TV application nor WinTV7 appear to work with this driver.  Dell has failed to respond to my replies to their "solution".  I have also contacted CyberLink (who makes the software for Dell). They said that it was a Dell problem.

Has anyone else tried to update the Dell Digital TV application with any success?  Thanks.

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  • I have not been able to update it either.  I tried the Hauppauge software of my own accord and had to unistall it when it failed to identify the hardware.  I still have a functioning tuner using the Dell branded Cyberlink software.  I blame Cyberlink not Dell.  Granted, Dell should step up and offer a valid link for the drivers and software for the integrated Hauppauge TV tuner.  However, it should be for whatever TV enhance 1.6 is from Cyberlink.  It would also be nice if the software would allow hybrid - analog cable/TV, AV, and digital over the air broadcast.  The tuner was a cool idea when I bought the mini 10, but unless I am outside right by a TV station it is useless.   And the software, is, well, ugly and without much in the way of features.  Like you I guess I was hoping that arrow indicating an update was going to be an  update for the better.

  • how can i put it on my laptop now.