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stolen laptop or MAC address


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stolen laptop or MAC address

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My dell inspiron 1750 laptop stolen.i have service tags. need MAC address. can anyone help me.Or can dell company help me to find my laptop.

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  • No, and unless you've recorded it (or check with your ISP or router) there is no way to correlate your MAC address with the service tag.  You can report the notebook to Dell so that if it's returned for repair, it'll be flagged, but otherwise, any recovery is up to your local police agency -- that is, unless you've subscribed to a computer recover service like LoJack.

    You can report the system stolen here:



    MAC address is unique.Other companys (Toshiba) can find MAC address.But dell company cant.And you stolen system report address only for USA.i am from Azerbaijan. If dell company cant help me i will buy other companys laptops and electronic products.Thanks

  • The MAC address actually isn't necessarily unique - it's unlikely that two systems in the same place will have the same address, but it's not a unique identifier.At its origin,it was - in most devices now the MAC address can be easily changed, so its usefulness as an identifier has vanished.


    As for the rest, best of luck to you.

    Dell doesn't even have an official sales channel in Azerbaijan, so I'd suggest contacting whomever sold you the system.