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problem XP driver Inspiron n5010


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problem XP driver Inspiron n5010

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I bought new Dell Laptop inspiron N5010 model some days ago  and there are not any driver on the it's box .

when I want to download driver of DELL site

I had two choices for OS ( Win 7 and Win Vista ) . There are not Win XP driver on this site . I need Win Xp driver

becuse some of my important software work only on WIN XP OS .

please Recommend me How can I find XP driver ?or How can I solve my problem ?


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  • You'll have to see if the component manufacturers (Intel, ATI, Broadcom, etc.) have XP drivers.

    Very few new notebooks have XP support -- there may be drivers but you'll have to find them from the component manufacturers.



  • Hi

    Thank you for your reply . I don't know what is my model of WLAN and sound card . I install some software that realize model of hardware but no one

    don't realize model of my hardware  and I download WLAN from Broadcom company i.e:

    Broadcom BCM430A WLan Driver 5.60.350.6 Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

    Broadcom BCM430B WLan Driver 5.60.350.6 Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

    Broadcom BCM430N WLan Driver 5.60.350.6 Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

    Broadcom BCM430G WLan Driver 5.60.350.6 Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7


    and no one driver work Sad  .  Please tell me what is model of WLAN an Soundcard inspiron N5010 Exactly thus I download XP driver also can you recammend me 

    Where can I downloaad it .in fact without driver my computer unuseable Sad

    Thank you

  • Specifications are in this document:

    You must also install a chipset driver - that, you can get from Intel.

  • Please help me ,I don't know  Is there WLAN in this laptop Model Inspiron N5010 . I had to install Window 7 64 bit and I downloaded All of driver from

    Dell site but I can not trigger WLAN , If you see page 15 on pdf file

    said that "NOTE: The wireless feature is available on your computer only if you ordered a WLAN card at the time of purchase. For more information on the cards supported by your computer, see “Specifications” on page 78 " 

    please help me Is there Wlan on this laptop and How can I active it ?

  • Here is where to look for the wifi card


  • I have the same problem as yours. Need XP driver for my Inspiron 5010 Tongue Tied

    Searching through net, I came across websites like these:

    I need to be a member so that I can download the files. Problem is i don't have online account to pay for membership. Is anyone here a member of these sites who can help me?

    Or does anyone have any direct link for XP drivers on Dell inspiron N5010?

  • You aren't going to find one-stop driver downloads for your system -- nor need you pay.  Make a list of the hardware in the system BEFORE you install XP and visit the component makers' websites - Intel, ATI, nVidia, Broadcom, ALPS, Synaptics, etc. and download the drivers you need.  You may in fact need to settle for partial functionality - some drivers may not be available, since you're talking about installing a 2001-vintage OS on an 2010 model notebook. 


  • Here is the Wifi driver. I am still looking for the sound driver.



  • You can use the sound driver from the xt2.

  • You will get better performance out of 7, just run ur older apps in XP mode. If your system has more than 3GB of RAM then you need 64-bit anyways.

    I would hate to think that people really thought if they bought a new system that they had to downgrade to XP. That is rediculous, and the only people that think that are just completely confused and mis-informed. This information shouldn't continue to be spread around.

    I want to know why that doesn't make any sense? You think you will lose performance on your 16-bit app from a compabitility mode? You do know new hardware has hardware virtualization support correct? You will not notice a loss in performance, and I'd wager taht 16-bit app isn't much of a performer anyways! Give me a break man. Where did you get the idea compabitliy mode didn't make sense? It works amazingly well. Shoot, even Apple uses it with OS X.

  • Let's say you have a corp of 150 people who use a small app built for xp and these people are not that smart, most of them can't even maneuver XP. Are you going to drop 150 laptops with 7 on these people and wait for it to explode? No you give them the same thing they are used to and gradually upgrade. We don't use these P.C.'s for performance, we use them for work and to do our job to ensure the customer is satisfied 100%. Yes I know all about hardware virt and support, I have been doing it for 25 years and writing the code it runs on even longer. Beer

  • I understand your point then, you'd rather not deal with the problems that could arise from this. However, any posts or anyone that says this will not work is incorrect.

  • Hi,

    As a matter of fact it is sometimes a kind of challenge to install XP on laptops with no XP driver sets available. People like me are interested to prove themselves that it is still possible to run XP on any kind of hardware set. Yes, it is 2010 but you always see classic muscle cars belonging to 60s and 70s on the streets! It is the same trend I believe, poeple who are familiar with XP and have used it for years are loving it and sticking on it. Maybe it is not the right decision for laptop makers to leave these customers on their own! On the other hand, people like Ashkan who initiated this post DO have softwares that WON'T run on W7 or Vista! That's not becasue W7 or Vista cant work well in XP compatibility mode, but becasue the software itself is tooooo old and needs MSDOS mode to work properly. These softwares are mostly old accounting softwares that are still widely used by individuals, shops and small companies in my and Ashkan area as I can guess by his name that we live in the same country!

    I already installed XP on any laptop I decided  to try and my last succesful attempt was Inspiron 1564 with ATI 4330 graphics that was the most dificult harware to install. Now I am challenging with N5010 and I could reduce the list of yellow hardwares to three: LAN, WLAN and Sound. I tried the suggested links in this post but didnt work. Although I couldnt understand what xt2 is that somebody suggested to use it for sound drivers. Any help in this regard would be highly appreciated.

    Ashkan, if your laptop has Intel graphics then you can download graphics, chipsets and  Rapid storage drivers easily from Intel website that is still providing full set of drivers for versions of XP but if it is ATI graphics you will have some hard time. Refer to below post and the items 5, 6, 8 and 10 are common between 1564s and N5010s having Intel graphics:

    For those above mentioned missing drivers I am still trying to find the working drivers and will share my findings here.


  • I'm sorry to sound so confrontational, but this is simply not true. It's not an opinion, it's fact. Sorry. XP Mode will give you this. Keep in mind that neither XP, Vista, or Windows 7 have actual DOS anywhere on the system. They all support compatibility modes of some sort as well.

    You lose so much by downgrading to XP. Not only that, but it's an insane amount of work, due to the age of XP, to get it running and fully patched and up to speed it's simply not worth it.

  • OK Please let me know your email and I will send you the source code to my DOS assembler code I wrote 10 years ago that has no memory requirements added to it, because this was nt the case at the time. Its a simple program I wrote back when xp first came out and only took me 1 year to write. I have this on over 300 laptops in my corporation and windows 7 will not run it vista will not run it. Thanks for the offer to rewrite it. the people using it dont even know what  a browser is. I would e happy to pay you minimium wage to work for me and rewrite this code and teach them all a new system. keep in mind each person runs 5 calls a day using this estimate program so most of your work will be between 8 at night and 6 in the A.M. I am not being confrontational but you will be required to know assembler code BASM for DOS and willing to work day and night for at least a year at minimium wage. If not STFU and let us talk about a siple fix.