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Dell studio 15 (1558) Internet conection issue. Wireless works, but does not want to connect


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Dell studio 15 (1558) Internet conection issue. Wireless works, but does not want to connect

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Hi. I just got the most advanced dell studio model with a wireless WLAN 1520 Half mini card. Eeverthing is working good but not the wireless. I get the wireless connections up in the wireless, but when i press connect it doesnt manage to connect. I tried manually but also failed. I can connect with my other mini  pc(this one) so there is nothing wrong with the wireless. 

I hace tried connecting to secure and unsecure internet connections that appear in the wireless but havent managed. I can see the internet connections but it doesnt manage to connect. I tried almost everything and was hoping that i dont need to reinstall the pc if that even helps.

I need help, if anybody can suggest anything that can solve this issue....

Thanks in advance =)

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  • hi, I have the same problem with my studio 1558 (with Dell Wireless 1520 802.11n Half Mini Card) to connect to my Linksys WAG120N ADSL Wireless Router.

    1- I could connect to another dell studio 1558 with my laptop in adhoc mode 3 days ago (but I can not check anymore because the other laptop is not available now)

    2- I can connect wireless to the router and use the internet with my Sony Ericsson P1i mobile phone

    3- and I can connect with Lan cable to the router with my laptop

    But I can not see any wireless network in my laptop

    I try "netsh wlan show filters" to check if there is any filter about adhoc or infrastructure networktype but there is no filters there


  • I have a Studio 1558 and lost my wireless connection last week to the 2 different routers I normally connect to, I tried everything in settings on the laptop and couldnt resolve it.  Finally I uninstalled Dells wireless utility and then did a system restore back a week and reinstalled the wireless utility from a download and all worked again, even to the point of still having my passwords saved for router wireless access on both routers.  I suspected it was probably an auto update through windows that broke it so i then did windows updates one at a time and this time there was no problem.

  • I solved my problem. I opened the laptop to change the networkcard because dell sent me a new one. Then i found out that one of the conection cables going into the ntworkcard wasnt conected. When i conected that properly, everything workd. The pc- came with that cable of something i think was baddly done by dell, so maybe you guys should open your pc- and check if all the cables are conected because that was my problem....


    Good luck Wink

  • hey

    My problem solved either, but windows system restore couldn't do anything for me, after that I did use the Dell PC Restore and hopefully everything is perfect right now.

  • I've had the same problem on my  Studio Laptop 1558.  I would get connected to an access point and there would be "no internet access"  here is what I did to resolve the problem...

    1. -Open Network and sharing centre
    2. change adapter settings
    3. right click on your card, in my case DW1501 wireless-n wlan half-mini card and click on properties
    4. click on "configure"
    5. click on the advance tab
    6. select the IBSS mode and verify that it is set to 802.11a/b/g/n Auto  click OK

    My adapter card was only set for b, not sure why, but once i changed the setting I was able to connect to the internet.