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Touchpad cursor stuck on screen


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Touchpad cursor stuck on screen

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Hi, I purchased a brand new Dell Inspiron 1764 from BestBuy yesterday and everything was looking great. Watching videos in youtube, went to dinner and when I returned, my onscreen cursor that is controlled by the touchpad got stuck on the screen. Tried turning off the computer and restarting it and the cursor stays in the same spot in the middle of the screen. Tried to reinstall the touchpad driver, tried BIOS setting (in fact there is no setting for touchpad...), tried all other things which I can think of but nothing seems to work. Note that all my keys in the keyboard is working, able to operate the laptop but only my touchpad & cursor is the issue.

Has anyone got any ideas as to why this is happening and what I can do to sort it out? Thanks.

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  • First, check the TouchPad Control Panel to look for any settings that may be wrong. Then try to RESTORE to a time before the problem started.

    If these don't help, the pad may be defective or the connector inside the laptop may be loose. The warranty is (should be serviced by Best Buy; contact them.

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  • I have a similar problem with a recently purchased Dell 1545.  The cursor remains stuck in the middle of the screen and will not shift - have also tried mouse but this does not work either.  Both left and right buttons continue to function however. 

  • I also had a similar problem with an Inspiron 1764.  The work-around that worked for me was to uninstall the driver and then let Windows automatically re-install the driver.  That gets me by until the next time.  I just also noticed that a new driver has been released for the 1764 touchpad, so I'm going to try that also.,