DIMM-A Failure code:2000-0123


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DIMM-A Failure code:2000-0123

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I have run diagnostics and I get the same failure on DIMM-A.  I even changed the RAM stick to a new one and get the exact same error in Dell Diagnostics:

Error Code: 0123

Msg: Error Code 2000-0123

Memory Integretiy test fault

It is a Vostro 1700.  I took the RAM out of DIMM-A alltogether and it is running diagnostics fine.

Does this indicate a bad slot DIMM-A only or I am facing motherboard failure?

It is out of warranty.

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  • If you've already tried a new module and still see a failure on the same socket, the socket is bad.  You'll need to replace the mainboard.


  • That's what I thought...just wanted to confirm.  Thanks!  Stick out tongue Dang