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Inspiron E1505/6400 MD666 & YD612 Question


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Inspiron E1505/6400 MD666 & YD612 Question

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Hello, I have a Inspiron 6400 with motherboard MD666 ( its failing) a Friend gave me a  YD612 motherboard to my dismay once I disassembled my laptop I saw that  where the lcd ribbon plugs into the mobo there isnt a plug for it on the mobo and theres a PCI slot. So after reading I realized I must buy the ATI X1400 Vd card. My question is, is that ALL that is different on these mobo's? and what happens with the LCD/Display ribbon/wire? I dont wanna Purchase the vd card to find out i have to yet again buy other parts etc.

2) what is the higest available CPU upgrade I can buy for this Mobo ( YD612) and  the name of it so i can search Ebay.

Thanks so Much.


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  • You may need a new ribbon cable.  The system will take any Core 2 Duo on an 800 MHz bus (but NOT on the 1066 MHz).  The T9500 is the fastest of these -- though it will run you $300-400 , which is more than the system is likely worth (and the CPU will far outstrip the video card's ability - so go for a more modest upgrade).


  • Thanks. When I look at the several Video cards on sale online. there is a place to * snap* it onto the mobo but NO wires/cables/ribbons.

    So does this mean the plug coming out of the LCD display will just sit unplugged?

  • No - video card or integrated, the LCD plugs into the mainboard. 


  • If you compare the Mobo's  you'll see that where the lcd cable plugs into the mobo on the MD666 is not present on the Yd612 mobo...( or at least i cant find it)

  • It does look like the display connector is on the video card itself for this model.


  • I managed to google xtra large photo of the vid card showing both sides and Correct it does * appear* that the lcd cable plugs into the vid card!
    Thanks!!! :)Yes

  • Hi all, I have a dell inspiron 6400 purchased in 2007. It has the x1400, t7200 cpu, pm945 and ich7. I don't know the code of the mainboard, disassembled several times but never looked for. I can't get if i can upgrade my system with a t9500 cpu. On intel site 7200 and t9500 share the PPGA478 socket type, fsb il 800 MHz which should be good. Does someone can help me understandig this?


  • You cannot use a T9500 in that system  You can only use the T7200, T7400 and T7600 - those are the fastest of the generation of CPUs supported by this system.

    The newer Penryn CPUs will NOT work - the socket is the same but the pin assignments differ.  

    800 MHz FSB CPUs are NOT supported.  667 is the max.

  • Hello i have inspiron 6400 with i think MD666. I have Intel T2050 and GM945 On-board video. I will upgrade my CPU for Win7 (64-bit). Can you give me please Lits with compatible CPUs for this Motherboard? Or, can i install 667MHz CPU?