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Screen Goes Black When I Plug In AC Adapter


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Screen Goes Black When I Plug In AC Adapter

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this just happened tonight, and i believe the first time it went black, the AC adapter was already in, not being plugged in or taken out. 


first thing i did was hit the power button which locked the comp, and when i hit it again to bring up the screen to login, it would work normally for about 3 seconds, then return to a black screen. restarted completely, same problem, although it turned off in mid-start up for a few seconds and then returned, only to go off again. first tried using the laptop with no battery but it still happened, so i tried using it with no AC adapter, just runniing on battery and it works, and thats what im doing right now. 


to me it sounds like, obviously, i need a new AC adapter.. kinda random though, and maybe hoping its something easier to fix and not something more difficult.


i have an Inspiron 1521 and im running Windows 7 32-bit. 


any help/advice is appreciated. thank you in advance.

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  • also, forgot to mention, if i just unplug the AC adapter after this problem happens, it doesnt go away. gotta restart without it plugged in.

  • It could be a faulty adapter - yes. It could also be a bad inverter or a faulty mainboard.  Try replacing the adapter first (easiest), inverter second (inexpensive) -- the mainboard is a very expensive replacement, so it should come last.


  • alright thanks, i kinda figured it was a backlight/inverter, maybe mainboard (if it isnt the adapter) based on other stuff i saw online about similar problems. 


    any ideas which is the best place to bring it? im calling Geek Squad now to try and find out how much it costs to run diagnostics.

  • I would go with a good locally owned shop that charges an hourly labor fee - not one of the big chains that charge by the job.


  • what did it turn out to be? i am facing exactly the same problem..though in my case the cpu keeps on running in the background, and i can shut the laptop down using keyboard..